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API fellowship allows Case to help improve newsrooms

Emily Case ’14 hails from a small Nebraskan town with little diversity, yet she’s developed a passion for giving a voice to minority populations. “I feel like on the most basic level, I’ve always been interested in other populations,” Case said. “I am from Gibbon, Nebraska, which doesn’t have a lot of diversity, so I was always interested to encounter people from other backgrounds.” Case’s post-Hastings College pursuits have led her on a path of combining her interest in diversity with her talents as a journalist. She is currently a graduate student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln ...Read more

Video: Brown takes charge in leading social media campaign for summer internship

Joe Brown, a senior from Omaha, Nebraska, said he has never felt more ready to take on the real world thanks to Hastings College and the internship experiences he had. In 2017, Brown spent his summer as an intern for the second year at C&A industries, where he was challenged to be in charge of a social media campaign. */ ...Read more

Recent grad takes on Comic Con, television news

For Jennifer Schmidt ’17, opportunities abound behind the lens of a camera. Her photography and videography skills have introduced her to Napoleon Dynamite, helped her bring news to audiences across Nebraska and secured her two professional positions. Just months after graduation in May, the Hastings College journalism graduate leveraged her multimedia know-how to find early career success with a unique volunteer opportunity at Denver Comic Con and a full-time position on the NTV production staff. Capturing cosplay at Comic Con In late June, Schmidt’s media skills became her ticket to an ...Read more

Sherrill interns as NAIA sports ‘gatekeeper’

Since right after her graduation in May of 2016, Nikki Sherrill has spent her days overseeing women’s division II volleyball and women's division II basketball for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Responsible for everything from updating ratings, maintaining historic archives and writing press releases related to the sport, Sherrill acts as each sport’s “gatekeeper” in her role as a sports communication and information intern. Fresh out of college with a degree in journalism and sports management, Sherrill’s post-graduation plans did not include working in sports ...Read more