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Video: Hastings College prepares Whetstone for graduate studies

Brian Whetstone, a senior from Omaha majoring in history, said his classes and advisors at Hastings College helped place him on a successful path to pursue graduate school. Being highly active in the Hastings College History Department, Whetstone has taken advantage of excellent on and off campus opportunities, including impactful internships and a historical J-Term trip to New York City. He also worked to have a significant portion of the Hastings College campus named to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) as a local historic district. */ ...Read more

Cultural immersion on the Camino de Santiago

Perched on a rocky landscape overlooking a seemingly endless horizon of water, Jenna Jaeger, sophomore biology and Spanish double major, sat quietly meditating after a five-day trek through Northern Spain. The quiet moment gave her a chance to reflect on the 72-mile hike she’d just completed during January Term (J-Term) 2017. While many students use J-Term as an opportunity to travel abroad, Jaeger and six other Hastings College students set out on a J-Term trip that led them to the end of the earth — and into a new culture. Accompanied by Dr. Pedro Vizoso, associate professor of Spanish, and ...Read more

Black '97 makes history

Joe Black’s workplace, the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer in Grand Island, Nebraska, is like no other. With sites and exhibits spanning 200 acres, the museum takes visitors back in time to the days when pioneers and Native Americans lived and struggled on the Plains. Guests discover an authentic 38-foot Pawnee Indian earth lodge with buffalo grazing nearby. A settlement of authentic log cabins. A sheep ranch. The powerful Union Pacific Engine 437. And an 1890s railroad town where costumed interpreters hammer hot iron in the blacksmith’s shop, sell old-fashioned candies and pickles at the ...Read more

Experience in Ireland ‘simply amazing’ for students

Every October, students from Hastings College conduct research in Ireland throughout the month as part of a program called Irish Fellows. This program began in 2007 with then Hastings College Dean and Irish literature specialist, Dr. Richard Lloyd. Lloyd had formed a relationship with Grammy-winning musician Davy Spillane, who had performed at Hastings College, and Spillane agreed to be available to the Fellows throughout the month as a resource when needed. Lloyd enlisted the help of history professor Dr. Rob Babcock, who ultimately took over the program when Lloyd became president of ...Read more

Press internship with senator inspires Musgrave to pursue policy

After spending the summer as a press intern in the office of one of his home state senators, Nick Musgrave returned to Hastings College with a much more clear image of what he’d like his future to look like. “This summer really solidified my strong desire to go back to Capitol Hill and work as a staffer,” Musgrave said. “It really reinforced that I want to go back to Washington D.C., and if I do go back to D.C., I think I would want to work in government and in public service.” For almost three months, the senior political science and history double major from Parksburg, West Virginia held a ...Read more

History majors gain an upper hand for senior seminar

The sophomore seminar program offered by Hastings College gives students an opportunity to understand what it means to be a historian. Learning about research methods, techniques and how to ask the right questions, these students are getting comfortable with the process to conduct their own research and become prepared for senior seminar. ...Read more

Video: Pettigrew serves as Chair of Chairs of the Nebraska Democratic Party

Hastings College Alum Bud Pettigrew '83 graduated with a degree in political science and history. He now serves as the Chair of Chairs of the Nebraska Democratic Party, where he works for former Senator Bob Kerrey. Pettigrew was also a teacher and coach for 25 years before getting involved in political campaigns. He has also met several well-known politicians, including Bill and Hillary Clinton. */ ...Read more