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Irish Fellows alumna, artist returns to Ireland

Briget Heidmous began the 2017 holiday season by selling all of her belongings, devoting herself to minimalist living and purchasing a one-way ticket west. The 2013 Hastings College graduate set out to circumvent the globe on a self-orchestrated, research trip of art, artistic institutions and culture. The six-month journey would eventually lead Heidmous to an artist residency at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. “I had been working as the assistant curator for Colorado College, and a merger of the college and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center created an opportunity for ...Read more

Gregory explores Cornish Celtic traditions with interdisciplinary lens

Situated on the southwest tip of England, the English county of Cornwall presents a beautiful, green landscape to its residents and visitors alike. The rugged coastline boasts fishing harbors, beaches, coves, cliffs and ample surfing and water sport opportunities. It’s rich Celtic history earned the county its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s rising to become one of the world’s most iconic tourist destinations. Today, this paradise is home to 2017 Hastings College graduate Laura Gregory. After earning a degree in English with a minor in music, Gregory journeyed across the sea ...Read more

Muhs builds powerful future with Tesla

Situated in the middle of a of nearly barren Nevada landscape sits the makings for the biggest building in the world: Tesla’s Gigafactory 1. Even with more than 4.9 million square feet of operational space, the facility is only one-third complete. The ever-growing factory is essential to Tesla’s sustained progress toward a zero-emissions future, as it supplies the power source of Tesla’s electric vehicles and reduces the cost of Tesla’s clean-energy products. By the time the building is complete, it will generate the equivalent of the world’s current total of energy in lithium-ion batteries, ...Read more

Group aims to grow diversity in the classroom

Steven Dunham ’16, Casey Molifua ’15/MAT ’17 and Tahj Willingham represent minorities in the classroom — in more ways than one. These three men of "colorful backgrounds" are not only part of the approximate 20 percent of non-white teachers in the United States, but they've also established a group to promote diversity among educators. Ethnic and Minority Educators for a Legacy (EME4L) is a local organization focused on educating others about the need for ethnic and minority teachers. Founded in 2017 by Dunham, Molifua and Willingham, the group makes a concerted effort to recruit educators of ...Read more

Lambie rises to top of cycling world

Two years ago, Ashton Lambie ‘13 set the record for the fastest bike ride across Kansas. Now, Lambie, with his orange handlebar mustache, is gripping the handlebars of another bike — one that he pedaled fast enough in the velodrome, cycling’s racing track, that he’s the number one ranked rider in individual pursuit and omnium. This year’s success began in August in California where, after three grueling days, he won gold in individual pursuit and two silvers at the USA Cycling’s national championships. As national champion, USA Cycling selected Lambie to represent Team USA in the Pan-American ...Read more

Sociology grad reinvents public perception of animal control

When animal law enforcement officer and 2015 Hastings College Graduate Timothy Rice catches a pet owner without a leash, he doesn’t issue a ticket. Instead, he offers a lesson on the dangers of off-leash pets, provides them with a free slip leash and sends them on their now law-abiding way. For Rice, this is just one way to break the stereotype of “mean old dogcatcher.” “I take this type of approach for a lot of violations,” Rice said. “It gives me the opportunity to educate the public on the law and resolve the situation without being a no-discretion ticket robot.” Rice works for the Humane ...Read more

API fellowship allows Case to help improve newsrooms

Emily Case ’14 hails from a small Nebraskan town with little diversity, yet she’s developed a passion for giving a voice to minority populations. “I feel like on the most basic level, I’ve always been interested in other populations,” Case said. “I am from Gibbon, Nebraska, which doesn’t have a lot of diversity, so I was always interested to encounter people from other backgrounds.” Case’s post-Hastings College pursuits have led her on a path of combining her interest in diversity with her talents as a journalist. She is currently a graduate student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln ...Read more

Diffendaffer improves athletic safety, performance through biomechanical research

Alek Diffendaffer applies reflective markers to the major joints and anatomical landmarks of a baseball pitcher as 3D motion capture camera and high-tech software stand by to record the pitcher’s movements. Each recording will be recreated into a life-like animation on a nearby computer screen. The motion picture industry evolved greatly with the introduction of 3D motion capture cameras, and movies like “Avatar” and “The Polar Express” are possible thanks to these unique software programs. While Diffendaffer is no stranger to this technology, his job does not include mass distribution of the ...Read more

Barnes garners diverse skillset from hands-on publishing

If Emilie Barnes ’17 was keeping a list of her steps to success in the publishing industry, it would be full of checkmarks. Complete an internship with a small press in Ireland? Check. Self-publish a book of personal literature? Check. Get hands-on experience as a co-editor of a literary magazine, a chief copy editor of a collegiate newspaper and an intern with the Hastings College Press? Check, check and check. Ironically, Barnes can also cross “find a hidden talent” off her list, as her initial educational endeavors never included a pursuit of publishing skills. “I kind of fell into ...Read more