1970s | Hastings College


Fritzler makes cantankerous fun

Jim Fritzler ’76 is a minimalist. His office at Scott Studio Theatre belies the fact that he’s been teaching in the Hastings College Theatre Department for 17 years, with the last four as department chair. There are no massive piles of papers, no haphazard stacks of books, no totes stuffed with costumes and props. What there are, however, are pictures: framed portraits of college students standing on stage, the casts of so many musicals and plays, lining the walls of his office and trailing down the hallway. During an interview, Fritzler studied the portraits, remembering students of years ...Read more

Koozer creates tradition of music, caring

Mike Tushaus ’98 was eight years old the first time he met Dr. Robin Koozer ’76. The Hastings, Nebraska, youngster was taking part in a week-long summer enrichment program for the arts, and Koozer spent a day working with the children’s choir. “I remember it to this day very vividly. It left its mark on me,” Tushaus said. While the boy remembered the conductor, he never expected the conductor to remember him, just a kid in the crowd. But a decade later when Tushaus was deciding his post-high school plans, Koozer, the Hastings College professor of music and department chair, did remember. “He ...Read more