Date: Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Kevin Heineman Memorial Tournament at Hastings College offers students an opportunity to compete in high school events on a small, private college campus. Administered by outstanding high school and college coaches, the Heineman Tournament promises to be a well-run, high-quality invitational. To show continued support for the high school tournament, our administration has approved scholarship awards for several outstanding competitors at the contest.

Contestants are allowed to enter no more than two events in a flight and no more than three total events.  Extemporaneous speakers are prohibited from entering OID and must be single entered in Flight A.

Group A = Humorous, Poetry, Informative, Entertainment
Group B = Extemp, Serious, Persuasion, Duet, OID

Students may enter no more than 3 events, and no more than two per flight.

Extempers cannot be double entered in Flight A events; nor can they enter OID.


8:00 am – Registration (French Memorial Chapel; map)
9:00 – Flight A Rd 1- Hum, Poetry, Inform, Enter (Extemp speakers tell their judges they’re double entered in extemp draw)
9:15 – Extemp Draw- Rd 1 (double entered extempers in B Flight draw first)
10:15 – Flight B 1 Rd 1- Extemp, Pers, Duet, Serious, OID (extempers cannot be in OID)
11:30 – Flight A Rd 2
Noon – Extemp Draw
1:00 pm – Flight B Rd 2
2:15 – Flight A Finals
2:30 – Extemp Draw for Finals
3:30 – Flight B Finals
ASAP, Announcement of awards and scholarships

Registration must occur via SpeechWire.

All entries will receive e-mail confirmation. If you do not receive confirmation you will not be allowed to participate in the contest (because we did not receive your entry).The deadline for entries is 5:00 pm Friday, January 13, 2017. Changes to your entry will be accepted until noon on Tuesday, January 17 and should be done through SpeechWire. Changes to your entry after noon, January 17 will incur an additional $5 fee. Drops at the tournament will cost $10 each. Competition will begin at 9:00 am.

Checks for entry fees should be made out to “Pi Kappa Delta Forensics.”

Two preliminary rounds plus finals for the top six individuals, five duets and three OID contestants. Additional finalists may be included due to unbreakable ties or extremely large events at the discretion of the tournament director.

Entries are $5 for each event. Each school must provide one judge for every six entries. If you are unable to bring judges for all of your entries, you must pay an additional $10 for each uncovered entry. You are responsible for your judges—if you do not arrive with the number of judges that you specified in your entry, you will be billed accordingly. Judges dropped at the tournament will cost an additional $50 nuisance fee.

Entry fees are $5 for both individual and group events. We will not refund fees for drops nor charge for substitutions. We will not accept additional contestants on the day of the tournament.

Trophies will be presented to the first through sixth place competitors in each individual event, first through fifth place in duet acting, and first through third place in OID.

Food will be made available throughout the day. Concessions will be located on site, but no food will be allowed in the classrooms. We will provide a lounge for judges and coaches.

Speech is an inherently educational activity. In addition to being good speakers, we ask each student to be a good listener. All competitors should remain in speech rounds to provide an audience for all speakers. The only exception is double entering. Please remind students to be quiet when traveling through the halls. Rude behavior might influence a judge’s decision on the ballot, so be polite!

This web page will be updated as necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Zach Oehm at