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Read what you have commented or suggested and what we have replied:

Suggestion (11/2/2015):
Hire Tom Masters. 

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
Tom is a library dweller, as we affectionately call our friends who most frequent the library. He's here already...good point, well-taken! Unfortunately, for now we are fully staffed. Tom--and others--who wish to work at Perkins Library should ask for an application for the next time we hire (typically in the Spring, annually).

Suggestion (10/?/2015):
Aaron Pierce still needs to go full Viking with his beard.  

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
Although Aaron is one of our super-awesome and much-beloved library student assistants, we do NOT control his facial hair. You'll have to take this request up directly with Aaron. It is Movember, though, so maybe he'll continue growing it for a few weeks yet?

Suggestion (11/2/2015):
We need a "shut up!" button on second floor. Have a button on the wall, press it, and it alerts library staff. Staff comes upstairs to shush disruptive parties. Please. If there is a God, invent this.

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
Like Staples's "EASY" button? Unfortunately, one is not already in existence. We are genuinely sorry you feel the need for this button, though. Everyone should know that the first floor of the library is the "loud" floor and the second floor is the "quiet study" floor. We try not to be SHUSHERS, but sometimes we all have to remind others to be respectfully quiet upstairs or to take a conversation or phone call downstairs. 

Suggestion (10/26/2015):
The Gettysburg Trilogy; The DVDs "Gods and Generals" and "The Last Full Measure."

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
For some inexplicable reason, we own the MIDDLE book of this trilogy, but not its bookend companions! We will order the remaining two ASAP so all three--Gods and Generals, The Last Full Measure, and Killer Angels--will all be available soon. We already own the DVD Gettysburg at 791.43 G394v and have the two requested above on order. Thanks for helping us straighten out/complete this trilogy!

Suggestion (4/9/2015):
Buildings haunted through the U.S., Canada, England--the U.K. (books and document)

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
We are checking into where this is available for acquisition. If you know where to find it, please let us know!

Suggestion (9/?/2015):
$.25 should give you more than 9 raisins or M&Ms!

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
We're sorry, library dweller, that you didn't get as big a bang for your buck as you expected out of the TeamMates candy dispenser in our lobby. The library has no control over the machine, but please do note that it suggests turning the handle slowly for max vend. Better luck next time!

Suggestion (9/30/2015):
How do we request that the library subscribe to a magazine?

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
Just as you did--through the electronic comment function on our main webpage! Other options for requesting items and commenting on how we're doing include the old-fashioned pen-and-paper book-looking box on the front desk, talking in person to one of us, or sending a carrier pigeon. If sending a carrier pigeon, allow for extra time...and we'd appreciate it if you send some chocolate along with it! Your requested magazine, Pointe Magazine, has been subscribed to and will be on our shelves in January! Thanks for helping us develop our collection to fit your interests and needs!

Suggestion (9/30/2015):
We should start an anime collection! DVDs & books!

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
We have some anime and DVDs. Check out the Coffee Area Books and feel free to suggest specific titles. 

Suggestion (9/18/2015):
Continue being fantastic! Love, A Library Dweller.

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
Aww, thanks! We really do strive to be the best library that we can be. Keep on dwelling in the library and keep letting us know how we're doing and what we can do for you!

Suggestion (9/18/2015):
Eileen's cookies once a week. Mmmm. :-)

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
Oooof. That's a TALL order! Wouldn't you get tired of them if you ate them EVERY day? Enjoy them during special times we have them!

Suggestion (8/31/2015):
Pale Fire by Nabokov.

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
We are magic! We somehow anticipated that you would request this book in we've had it on hand since at least 1980! It can be found on the shelf at 813.5 N117p. Enjoy!

Suggestion (8/26/2015):
Our high school hosted club manga and Naruto Manga and TV shows/DVDs/movies.

Our Reply (11/10/2015):
We have no particular experience in this, but we'd love a partner! Come talk to one of us and let's see what we can gather in interest and get off the ground!

Dear Readers, your fearless webmaster has neglected updating this page for months! See above for suggestions from August - now.

Suggestion (4/9/2015):
Coraline and Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

Our Reply (4/10/2015):
What does EVERY library need? MORE Neil Gaiman! It's like cowbell; you always need more. We have these on order and we are also adding a donated copy of Gaiman's M Is for Magic, too!

Suggestion (3/28/2015):
A Dance with Dragons, George R.R. Martin, 2011, and A Song of Fire and Ice books

Our Reply (4/10/2015):
The bad news: Unfortunately, we can't invest in series right now that are for recreational reading. The good news is that Hastings Public Library will extend courtesy library cards if you show your student ID to the front desk folks! Expand your library privileges and read both series!

Suggestion (2/9/2015):
Invisible Cities and/or If on a Winter's Night A Traveler by Italo Calvino.

Our Reply (2/9/2015):
The first is described as "an imaginary conversation between Kublai Khan and Marco Polo," and the second is described as "a novel capable of endless mutations in this intricately crafted story about writing and readers." Color us INTERESTED! We will acquire these soon, Dear Reader.

Suggestion (2/9/2015):
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.

Our Reply (2/9/2015):
On order!

Suggestion (2/9/2015):
The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Our Reply (2/9/2015):
Very interesting, this woman, and her social tactics! It might gel nicely with next year's INT theme ("image"), so we will put it on our order list! Thanks for the suggestion!

Suggestion (2/6/2015):
A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind by Alfred Starr Hamilton.

Our Reply (2/9/2015):
On order! Thanks for the suggestion for the poetry of an interesting looking mind!

Suggestion (1/30/2015):
The Star Wars Trilogies (DVDs). please and danke.

Our Reply (2/9/2015):
Right now, we can't afford to acquire these DVDs, but stay tuned...they're on our list!

Suggestion (1/13/2015):
"The Skeleton Twins" is a great indie dramedy that would make a nice addition to your DVDs.

Our Reply (1/16/2015):
How can you go wrong with that comedic powerhouse of a cast? Ty Burrell, Luke Wilson, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader? It's on order!

Suggestion (1/12/2015):
Could we get one or two reusable coffee filters for the machine to cut down on paper waste?

Our Reply (2/9/2015):
GREAT IDEA! However...I checked with our BUNN supplier and he does not know of a reusable one for the monster that is our machine. We will keep looking, th

Suggestion (1/10/2015):
I think the Library should get The Weight of Dreams by Jeevan Bhagwat. It's a best selling poetry book by the award winning poet...I was impressed by the lush, deeply moving writing. I think people will love to read it. Thank you.

Our Reply (1/16/2015):
It does look like an interesting read and the price is right! It will be coming soon!

Suggestion (12/1/2014):
Both Star Wars Trilogies, please!

Our Reply (12/15/2014):
We will acquire these when we have some "fun money" for DVDs. Thanks for the suggestion!

Suggestion (11/26/2014):
Chuck Klosterman = whip smart musical journalist/essayist/cultural critic. Any of his books would be positive additions to our stacks! Vague suggestions: Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story; IV; Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs; Downtown Owl; Eating the Dinosaur.

Our Reply (12/15/2014):
Oddly, we have a book *about* Klosterman, Chuck Klosterman and Philosophy: The Real and the Cereal (813.6 K66). We agree that he is awesomesauce and will work on acquiring some of the titles you suggested.

Suggestion (11/26/2014):
Catching Fire (DVD) (part 2 of Hunger Games)

Our Reply (12/15/2014):
We already own it! It may be found at 791.43 H936g v.2

Suggestion (11/10/2014):
The library is the best. That is all.

Our Reply (11/11/2014):
We love that you love us, even though we strongly suspect that your comment was prompted by the annual putting out of our homemade hot chocolate to commemorate the first snowfall of the year.

Suggestion (11/10/2014):
We should all knit hats together at some point. I don't know how to knit hats; but I'd love to learn!

Our Reply (11/11/2014):
If you find a peer who knows how to knit, we could definitely host a knitting party!

Suggestion (11/5/2014):
You should have a movie of otters playing in the coffee corner.

Our Reply (11/6/2014):
I don't know that such a thing exists! If only. Stay tuned for a change-up in coffee corner video, though. The kittens and puppies will soon be going away for the year, to be replaced by...well, you'll have to wait and see.

Suggestion (11/4/2014):
Tricycle: The Buddhist Periodical. Please?

Our Reply (11/4/2014):
We don't currently subscribe to any Buddhist magazines, so SURE! Look for it on our shelves soon.

Suggestion (10/28/2014):
Treasure Hunt in the library!

Our Reply (10/31/2014):
Sure, go ahead and make your own, then share it with us!

Suggestion (10/20/2014):
Okay, so I have about a million requests (too many). Look into some of them and think about getting a couple you find most interesting, darling library folk. Whaddaya say? :-)  Fred and Edie by Jill Dawson; The Humans by Matt Haig; The Apologist by Jay Rayner; What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman; Attachments by Rainbow Ronell; The Extra Large Medium by Helen Strain; The Last Girlfriend on Earth by Simon Rich; Marvellous Hairy: A Novel in Five Fractals by Mark A. Rayner; Kill Your Friends by John Niven; The Cry of the Sloth by Sam Savage; Bear v. Shark by Chris Bachelder; Barking by Tom Holt. THANKS!

Our Reply (10/28/2014):
Awww, shucks, darling patron! We say we will give these titles a look and order some. Thanks for your investment in our library and interest in helping to shape the collection!

Suggestion (10/20/2014):
Can we get "Breaking Dawn: Part 2"?

Our Reply (10/28/2014):
It's on order!

Suggestion (10/16/2014):
Catan Expansion Packs (board game)

Our Reply (10/28/2014):
Good idea! We've ordered the Cities and KNights Game Expansion pack and it will arrive before our International Game Day celebration on Saturday, November 15! Pop into the library and be the first to play it!

Suggestion (10/16/2014):
The Garden of Earthly Delights DVD

Our Reply (10/28/2014):
It's been ordered!

Suggestion (10/28/2014):
Graceling, Fire, Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore

Our Reply (10/16/2014):
Bad news: our emphasis is not on the coffee area books right now. Good news: Hastings Public Library owns these books (and many more, of course) and YOU, as Hastings College students, can obtain Hastings Public Library borrowing privileges by showing your HC ID. Sorry we can't accommodate your requests this time!

Suggestion (10/06/2014):
The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Our Reply (10/06/2014):
We'll probably just get the set!

Suggestions (09/25/2014):
Garth Nix - Keys to the Kingdom (series): 1. Mister Monday 2. Grim Tuesday 3. Drowned Wednesday 4. Sir Thursday 5. Lady Friday 6. Superior Saturday 7. Lord Sunday

Tamara Pierce's books (series): The Song of the Lioness (4); The Immortals (4); Protector of the Small (4); Beka Cooper (3)

E.L. James - Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades of Darker, Fifty Shades of Freed

Our Reply (10/09/2014):
We'd love to acquire every book in all of these series, but the bad news is, financially, we can't right now. The good news is, Hastings Public Library owns ALL of these series (and many more, of course) and YOU, as Hastings College students, can obtain Hastings Public Library borrowing privileges by showing your HC ID. Sorry we can't accommodate your requests this time!

Suggestion (9/16/2014):
More David Foster Wallace, please.

Our Reply (10/06/2014):
The following are here and being processed: Consider the Lobster & Other Essays; Interviews with Hideous Men; The Broom of the System; and Both Flesh and Not. Thanks for the recommendations!

Suggestion (9/9/2014):
Reno 911, all seasons & movie!

Our Reply (10/8/2014):
For now, we're relocating your request to the DVD Suggestion box, where it will live with other suggestions until we buy movies en masse again. Stay tuned!

Suggestion (9/3/2014):
New magazine request: Film Comment

Our Reply (9/5/2014):
Thanks for the solid suggestion! "Film Comment is published bimonthly by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. It features articles and commentary on films old and new, foreign and domestic, narrative and documentary, independent and mainstream. Issues include reviews of a wide range of films from all genres, interviews, insights into all aspects of the film industry around the world, book reviews, and information on film festivals and showings." We will be obtaining a subscription ASAP!

Suggestion (?):
Let me check out magazines, please.

Our Reply (9/5/2014):
Unfortunately, magazines do not circulate well and tend not to make it back to the library. Sorry!

Suggestion (?):
Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. It is NOT X-rated; maybe R.

Our Reply (9/5/2014):
Thanks for bringing an accolade-garnering new graphic novel series to our attention! It is curtrently in cataloging and will be available soon. It is rated M for Mature, FYI.

Suggestion (?):
We need new geckoes!

Our Reply (9/5/2014):
Unfortunately, our sole remaining gecko returned to its home with Dr. Beachly and other geckoes. Buuuuut...we will soon have two new "library pets." Stay tuned!

Suggestion (?):
Denis Johnson's Train Dreams, pretty please?

Our Reply (9/5/2014):
With sugar on top? You got it!

Suggestion (?):
Hot Chocolate in July

Our Reply (9/5/2014):
Got it!

Suggestion (?):
Pretty Little Liars books

Our Reply (9/5/2014):
Because the series is 16+ books, several accompanying books and sure to keep growing, it isn't likely that we will acquire this series; sorry about that! Definitely check them out at your hometown public library OR take advantage of Hastings Public Library's generous courtesy card it will issue to HC students upon presentation of an HC student ID.

Suggestion (?):
Sherlock: Season 3 DVD

Our Reply (9/5/2014):

Done! Check it out at 791.45 S552n v.3

Suggestion (5/8/2014):
The Princess Bride by William Goldman (book, not movie).

Our Reply (5/9/2014):

We can’t believe we don't have William Goldman’s The Princess Bride, either.  We will order it the next time we buy books.

Suggestion (5/8/2014):

Hey, I've been suggesting the "Criminal Minds" TV series like every day in the DVD suggestion box, but I think that gets checked less often so I'll harass you here as well. It'd be super swell if you beautiful library people could hook us up with that. Netflix is failing me and does not have it. Thanks!

Our Reply (5/9/2014):

You are correct that the DVD suggestion box gets checked less often. Sorry about that! Thanks for the compliment! We're sure you're beautiful, too. We will order Criminal Minds the next time we order DVDs but that may be a while (gotta wait for new money).

Suggestion (4/14/2014):


Our Reply (5/9/2014):

Wait for it...keep waiting...wait a little forward to tomorrow, Saturday, May 10, at which time the library will host its Library All-Nighter! Guess what? Pizza is included!

Suggestion (4/14/2014):

You know what taste good with coffee? Bacon. The library needs to give out free bacon. It's already a swell place, but bacon would make it the best library in the country.

Our Reply (5/9/2014):

Indubitably, bacon is amazing and pairs outstandingly well with coffee. While we aspire to be the best library in the country, until we can figure out the logistics and budget for daily bacon, we will have to be without bacon.

Suggestion (3/5/2014):

Donuts with coffee...Please!!

Our Reply (3/11/2014):

Why, yes, great idea! Donuts and coffee go together like salt and pepper, Salt-n-Pepa, Kid & Play, Simon and Garfunkel. Our budget doesn’t allow for donuts, but please feel free to donate donuts to us! We serve coffee from open-to-close, so that would be a ton of glazed goodness!

Suggestion (2/21/2014):

The Story of B by Daniel Quinn.

Our Reply (3/11/2014):

We will order (and likely some of Quinn's other works, too!).

Suggestion (2/21/2014):

Get more kids' books.

Our Reply (3/11/2014):

We're delighted that you use our children's section. We add titles to the children's collection each Fall, so stay tuned!

Suggestion (2/17/2014):

“Aaron Pierce needs to grow a full lumberjack beard.”

Our Reply (2/18/2014):

Great idea! Perhaps we could rename it a libraryjack beard? Although we agree, we can't really *demand* that Aaron grow more facial hair, but we could *require* that he wear one of these, at least while he's working at the library.

Request (?):

"No Contest" by Alfie Kuhn.

Our Reply (1/28/2014):

On order!

Request (1/21/2014):

Can the movies be organized by genre instead?

Our Reply (1/23/2014):

Most people seem to look for movies by title, so that’s why we organize most of them that way.  To see, more or less, what we have in a specific genre, you can go to the library catalog advanced search, type a genre (romance, for example) into the keyword box, then go down to the format box and choose DVD.  You get a list of a couple of hundred titles.  They may not be in any particular order, but there you are!

Request (1/21/2014):

Can we order Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen by Garth Nix?

Our Reply (1/23/2014):

This looks interesting.  We will order it for our Coffee Corner Collection.

Request (11/1/2013):

Book we should have: Whipping Girl by Julia Serano.

Our Reply (1/6/2014):

On order soon!

Request (10/18/2013):

I suggest that Grace Rempp should get a raise! She is wonderful and definitely my 2nd favorite library worker after Susan Franklin!

Our Reply (1/6/2014):

Thanks, GraceNSusan Fan Club President! We love to hear that you love us. Now, all we need is for someone to contribute money to the Grace Rempp Raise Fund!

Requests (10/3/2013):

Karen Russell books!: Swamplandia, St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Stories

Our Reply (1/6/2014):

These books look like fun. On order!


Request (10/3/2013):

Pads on the bottoms of the chairs.

Our Reply (1/6/2014):

This is a good idea. The chairs are dreadfully noisy when they scoot. We will look into chair leg pads or maybe socks for the legs? Who knits? I'll go count the number of chair legs we need to outfit!


Requests for DVDs (?):

The Corpse Bride (Tim Burton Film), The Hunger Games, The Fast & The Furious 1-5 DVDs

Our Reply (1/6/2014):

Yes and Yes and Yes! The Hunger Games resides at 791.43 H936g. The rest will be ordered soon.


Request (9/4/2013):

You should brew flavored coffee past noon! (Ideally all day)

Our Reply (9/5/2013):

Flavored-coffee-lover, here's a secret just for you: flavored coffee continues to be brewed until late afternoon...just ask for it at the front desk and we'll be happy to get you some!


Request (end of Fall 2013 semester):

Susan Franklin should have a week to showcase her 'stache collection. Maybe the month of March?

Our Reply (2/1/2013):

FYI, that's what's already afoot in Susan's office: a 24/7 'stache display! In seriousness, if the suggestor would like to assist in relocating my collection to the lobby area, I would be happy to give the collection a larger audience of admirers :-)


Request (end of Fall semester):

Can we not have bubble wrap at the all-nighters? I know not everyone studies, but it is extremely distracting to those of us who do. Even with music and noise-cancelling headphones. Especially since it's available all night.

Our Reply (2/1/2013):

Director Bob apologizes for the inconvenience and promises, in an effort to please everyone, including those who rely on bubblewrap to reduce stress, to keep it confined to the noisy/first floor during all-nighters.


Request (11/12/2012):

Get a new 3 hole punch. I feel like a caveman using this one.

Our Reply (11/14/2012):
We thought we’d provide you with a little extra weight work.  Seriously, though, these punches are more sensitive than you might think.  You have to be patient with them, baby them, coax them, not try to punch more than about 3-5 sheets of paper at a time. If you’ll let us know what, specifically, the problem was, we’ll have someone look at it and try to make it better. We’ve had a long series of these over the years and they all have problems.


 Request (10/8/2012):

Heavyweights movie (with Ben Stiller)

Our Reply (10/22/2012):
We loves us some Stiller...we are ordering it ASAP! Stay tuned.


Request (10/?/2012):

The Casual Vacancy (non-movie) by J.K. Rowling

Our Reply (10/22/2012):
It has arrived! 823.91 R883c


Request (9/?/2012):
Rubik's cube?

Our Reply (10/4/2012):
Absolutely! A Rubik's cube will soon be included in the bowl of "stress-relievers" that lives in the coffee area. Do we have any speedcubers out there? UPDATE: The cube has arrived!


Request (9/?/2012):
Can you please get an ice cream bar?

Our Reply (10/4/2012):
We would love to have an ice cream sundae bar...unfortunately, until someone donates the mechanism by which to keep it cold and the money for ongoing ice cream supplies, it's not going to happen. Great idea, though!


Request (9/?/2012):
Pencil. Eric Jensen. I <3 Susan.

Our Reply (10/4/2012):
Book. Colton Spearman. We <3 our library users! [Because that's what we were doing here, right? Stream of consciousness listing, following the order of thing-you'd-find-in-library/student worker/random expression of adoration?]


Request (9/?/2012):
G’day mate. Smile, I love your plaid and argyle. The library should be decorated in plaid. P.S. I LOVE ICE CREAM.

Our Reply (10/4/2012):
G'day right back at you!While plaid may not be a feasible choice for our decor, we *do* have some new colors in the back room and have received various small "facelifts" throughout the library. P.S. WHO DOESN'T?


Request (5/7/2012):
All books in the Hunger Games series! Perhaps the Hunger Games movie?

Our Reply (5/9/2012):
We will soon own the entire trilogy and have asked to be notified when the DVD is released for purchase.

Suggestion (5/3/2012):

A computer lab on 2nd floor. The quiet lab.

Our Reply (5/9/2012): It is an idea we have considered, but computer labs are, by nature, not quiet. Additionally, we think we are most equipped to deliver references services and technical assistance if the labs are on the first floor. You are welcome to bring your own laptop to work upstairs, or you may check out one of our notebooks to tote upstairs.


Comment (3/23/2012):

Is it possible to always have hot chocolate as an option with tea and coffee?

Our Reply (3/1/2012):
We usually have packaged hot chocolate and apple cider available. Ifyou have a hankering for one of these, just ask at the front desk and we'll be happy to provide (if we have them).


Comment (2/29/2012):

Jordin [Franklin] is a dream killer.

Our Reply (3/1/2012):
Jordin, like all of our student assistants, is a multifaceted individual of many talents. Dream killing–please refer to his business card–is but one of many of his skills.

Comment (2/1/2012):
Cole Willard should win an award!

Our Reply (2/9/2012):
Can you be more specific, please? What should Cole win an award for?
___ Outstanding Fauxhawk
___ Excessive Tooth Beauty
___ Owning Too Many Baseball Caps
___ Working at the library like A BOSS
___ The Rocks That He Gotz (In His Ears)
___ Something Entirely Different? __________________


Request found on the bulletin board (date unknown!):
“If you found me I won’t give you anything. But I will suggest you watch a film by Jodorosky."

Our Reply (2/9/2012):
We don’t have any of the films of Alejandro Jodorosky, but we will. Look soon for the appearance in our collection of Santa Sangre and The Films of Alejandro Jodorosky: Fando y Lis, El Topo, The Holy Mountain. Enjoy!


Request (1/4/2012):
Anderson Cooper bust. They make them.

Our Reply (1/27/2012):
It is so nice that students are interested in journalists.  We can certainly get a bust of A.C., but he must live in Susan Franklin’s office and he must be acquired by Susan at her own expense.  :-) [Susan cannot find this must-have bust! Please send a link to where I may purchase it!]


Request (12/20/2011):
Games--Mad Gab.

Our Reply (1/27/2012):
It has been ordered and should be here at the beginning of the Spring semester! In the meantime, check out one of our other games and have a blast!


Request (12/14/2011):
Is it possible for this library to acquire up to date books on preparing for the LSAT? Cracking the LSAT from Princeton Review has gotten good reviews and it would be great if we had access to past LSAT tests! Thanks!

Our Reply (12/18/2011):
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have the one you suggested and a few others that will soon be released to the sheves for checkout!


Request (11/01/2011):
I would recommend giving Jordin at least a $50 bonus for his excellent work. He is the Shiz.

Our Reply (11/8/2011):
First, we think ALL of our workers qualify in "the shiz" category. Second, we would be happy to give Jordin The Shiz a $50 raise...if someone will fund it. Any rich benefactors out there? :-)


Request (10/24/2011):
Haruki Murakami is an author I would love to see in our library. I just finished reading Kafka on the Shore, and think some of his works would be a great addition to the library. I don't know how much fiction we have, but it has great insight to Japan's ideals, as well as being a great piece of surrealist literature.

Our Reply (10/31/2011):
We will absolutely acquire some of his works for our fiction section. Thanks for the suggestion!


Request (5/11/2011):
Move the study desks upstairs,a more comfortable seating downstairs. It’s nice to have a “talk” area but it should have several areas of comfy seating.

Our Reply (5/11/2011):
This is a good idea and we can look into it.  I am inclined to put furniture in budget, but that money won’t be available until Fall 2012.  If the person making this suggestion would like to meet with me (Bob) and make specific suggestions, I would be very pleased indeed.


Request (5/10/2011):
Can we get a hot tub in the attic? Seriously, think how awesome the all-nighters could be! And of course it would be great for the staff to relax after a long day of library-ing.

Our Reply (5/11/2011):
It would! It would!  What a great idea.  Director Nedderman will put it in his next budget request.  Why would it not be funded???


Request (4/13/2011):

Suggestion: some new 3-hole punches would be really nice; the ones here now are dull and *very* tempermental. Thanks.

       Our Reply (4/1/2011):
       Our 3-hole punches are an ongoing issue. They get dull, we sharpen them. Sometimes, people try to cram too many pages in and they pop a spring. We'll give them a little TLC and see if they improve for now.


Request (unknown):

The library needs a puppy. The {geckos} aren't very snuggly.

       Our Reply (4/1/8011):
How do you know the geckos aren't cuddly, until you try snuggling with one? Just kidding. We contemplated having a library kitten and a library canine, but the issues were insurmountable (hello, litterbox?). In lieu, we offer to you Harry Nilsson's classic ditty "If only I could have a puppy."


Request (3/18/2011):

Could we please get a Spanish-to-Spanish dictionary? Thanks.

Our Reply (4/1/2011):
       We are consulting with experts and working on acquiring the best one!


Request (winterish):

I propose we have homemade hot chocolate EVERY time it snows!

Our Reply (springish):
       We agree that would be nice and we wish we could do it.  We counterpropose that somebody find us a bucket of money with about $500 in it and we will do it!  Fair? 


Request (a while ago):

The Choice by Samuel F. Yette; How to Grade for Learning by Ken O’Connor; Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor.

Our Reply (just this second!):
       We can purchase How to Grade for Learning by Ken O’Connor and Comprehensive Connections by Tammy MacGregor from and will do so at the next opportunity.  The third book requested, The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in America, by Samuel F. Yette, is another matter.  The best price I have been able to find for this book, in its 1996 paperback edition, is $125.00.  This seems to me too much to pay, even though the book is significant and would likely interest more than one of our students and faculty.  The best I can do is check from time to time for a cheap reprint (unless someone would care to provide a powerful justification for spending $125 or up).


Request (3/10/2011):

It's been awhile since you've gotten a question, so I thought I'd ask: Why don't you have any German newspapers? I know you have Der Spiegel, but Die Zeit would be nice...unless you have it and I am just blind and not seeing it...

 Our Reply (3/14/2011):
       It would be wonderful to subscribe to newspapers like Die Zeit.  It looks like Die Zeit would run us about $270 per year, which really isn't all that bad if several students were to read it.  I will talk with Doctor Anderson.  Maybe you should, too.  Meanwhile, you can access Die Zeit online at

Request (10/31/2010): 

What's the status on getting some seasons of The Wonder Years?

Our Reply (11/4/2010):
       I would love to order The Wonder Years.  I remember seeing a lot of these on TV and it was very, very funny.  You are not the only person interested in The Wonder Years. The problem is that seasons of The Wonder Years are not available on DVD due, apparently, to issues involving music reproduction rights.  Ally McBeal, which has finally been released this month, was also held up because of its wonderful soundtrack. Here is what Wikipedia (don't use this as a scholarly resource, though!) has to say about DVD releases of The Wonder Years: "Unlike most long-running popular American TV sitcoms, The Wonder Years has still not yet been released on DVD as official season box sets due to the high cost of  securing the music rights [12]." Because of this, The Wonder Years routinely appears high on the list of TV shows in-demand for a DVD release, along with Batman, Cold  Case and Family Matters. Some episodes of the series were included in two official "best-of" DVD sets, namely "The Best of The Wonder Years" and "The Christmas Wonder  Years", without the original music. Anchor Bay did release two volumes (four episodes total) on VHS in 1998. Reading the reviews on Amazon makes me think the "Best of" and "Christmas Wonder Years" sets are not worth having.  What would it be without the music? I will keep my eye open for The Wonder Years on DVD and if you see where this is finally released please send us an e-mail.  We'll get it.

Request (a while ago): 

Can we order Smallville?  I was halfway through season 6 when I had to move here.

Our Reply (right this second):
       Sure.  Superman’s always, well, super. You'll find all nine seasons at 791.45 S365 v(1-9).


Request (umm, a while ago): 

We ought to have West Wing.  This has been requested before.  Professors have been known to use personal copies in class.

Our Reply (10/5/2010):
       Our copies have been ordered and you can find them at 791.45 W522 v(1-7).


Request (?): 

Will you please, finally, at last, replace the missing copies of Maus I and Maus II by Art Spiegelman, and Persepolis I and II by Marjane Satrapa?

Our Reply 10/5/2010):
       Yeah, yeah.  You know that as soon as we replace them our copies will reappear.  Then we’ll have two.  I guess there are worse things to have extra copies of, so enjoy Maus I at 940.5318 S751m1 and Maus II at 940.5318 S751m2. But please do not lose or steal them! :-)


Request (a loooong time ago):

Titanic! Titanic!  Come on, people…

Our Reply (10/5/2010):
       Come ON, people.  Oh, all right, we’ll order it.  Interestingly enough, the Winslet/DiCaprio Titanic is out of print so we’ll have to order a copy from the secondary market.  There must be a titanic version of Titanic coming out soon.  We also ordered another film called Titanic, made in 1953 and staring Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck.  For those of you who are really serious about your disasters the BEST Titanic film, A Night to Remember, is already in our DVD collection at 791.43 N687r.


Request (who knows?): 

Can you order the TV series The Wonder Years?  It was entertaining and educational, and well-liked.

Our Reply (10/5/2010):      
We had forgotten all about this late ‘80s classic.  Yes, it was a lovely program.  Too bad it is not now, nor has it ever been, available in this country on DVD. promises to advise us if it ever becomes available.


Request (some time ago): 

Please order Torchwood and Season 5 of Doctor Who!

Our Reply (10/5/2010):
       There are only two full seasons of Torchwood and a partial, 5-episode, third season and we have them all at 791.45 T676.  They are quite amazing, highly entertaining, the-aliens-are-already-among-us adventure stories.  Quite superb.  Season 5 of Doctor Who will be released on November 9 and it has been pre-ordered for your library.


Request (unsure): 

Where is the final season of Lost?  You promised.

Our Reply (10/5/2010):
       I know.  Our bad.  It has been ordered and is at 791.45 L881 v6...but there are already two people in line ahead of you, so please be patient.

Request (can't remember): 

Order Maafa 21 and Not Evil, Just Wrong.

Our Reply (10/5/2010):
       These films look provocative, so we’ve ordered them.  They’ll stir some of us up. For sure.


Request (some time ago): 

Can we get Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?

Our Reply (10/5/2010):
       Classic. It's here, at JUV E BAR


 Request (9/14/2010): 

You guys should get the Avatar the Last Bender TV series on DVD. Books 1-3

Our Reply (9/15/2010):
       We have heard really good things about this series and will include them in our next order.


Request (6/30/2010):
"American Dreams" Seasons 1 & 2 PLEASE!

Our Reply (6/30/2010):
       We have ordered this and it should be on its way!


Request (5/12/2010):
Movie must-have: 1 Night in Paris.

Our Reply (6/30/2010):
If you'll notice the long gap in between the suggestion and the reply, it has less to do with the fact that the request sat on one of our desks for over a month than the fact that it took a little while to puzzle out what movie was being requested. First thought: oh, awesome; a movie chronicling an evening in one of the most romantic cities in the world! Maybe a rom-com, maybe a thriller, maybe straight comedy. Some sight-seeing, some freshly baked bread with cheese, some juice of the grape. Or, there's Depeche Mode's 2001 concert video release by the same title. But neither guess is what our would-be movie enthusiast was requesting! We are all about access and freedom of choice, but prefer if you acquire your porn on your own; we're not going to buy it for you (Z.P., listen up--we're talking to you!). "1 Night in Paris" is Paris Hilton's infamous "romantic" video. Surely it's available on the internet?


Request (3/23/2010):
I would love to see some more films by Hayao Miyazaki added to our collection.  We have "Spirited Away" and "Princess Monanoke."  Both are excellent and I'm interested in seeing more by him (in particular "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Ponyo").As always, I love what you're doing with the place, and those helpful student assistants you have are just fantastic.

       Our Reply (3/24/2010):
       These are good films and we can add the two ("Ponyo" and "Howl's Moving Castle") as money permits.  Any others, write them on separate slips of paper and put them in the movie request box.  I can't guarantee when we can get them but will do what can be done.  We like our student assistants, too.  They're faaabbbbulous.

Request (3/6/2010):
Could the library please get "Three Trips To The Other Side Of The Tracks" by L. Jamison?  Thanks!

Our Reply (3/9/2010):
       There was an NPR spot on March 9, called "Three Trips to the Other Side of the Tracks" in which Leslie Jamison recommended three books.  The books are: "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" by James Agee (a copy of the 1941 edition at 917.61 A265l and a copy of it in a collection of Agee's writing at 818.5 A265l); "Salvador" by Joan Didion (972.84 D556s); and "Poor People" by William T. Vollmann.  We do not have a copy of "Poor People" but one will be ordered the next time books are ordered.  Jamison's first book, a novel called "The Gin Closet" was just published and we can get that, too.

Request (3/3/2010):
I think that the library should host another game night this semester, since I was gone for the most recent one (and I will be very sad if I don't get to indulge in some awesome game-related shenannigans before I graduate in May!). Also, if the library hasn't purchased them already, we need the 3rd season of Big Love and the 5th season of Weeds. Please and thank you! :-)

       Our Reply (3/7/2010):
       We are working on another game night...stay tuned! It would be a shame for you not to experience another before leaving our hallowed halls. Season 3 of Big Love is on order and Weeds Season 5 is here!

March 2010
Library Director Nedderman went through the box of film requests recently.  We have received many, many requests, most of them for excellent films and television programs that we should add to our collection, for our students’ sakes.

These were requested, but we already have them (call #s follow):

An American Carol—791.43 A512c
Arrested Development—Seasons 1-3 are at 791.45 A774
The Bible Tells Me So—220.83 F692
Cinema Paradiso—There were two requests for this.  The old version of Cinema Paradiso is now included as a side in Nuovo Cinema Paradiso at 791.43 C573.
(500) Days of Summer—791.43 F565d
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas—791.43 F2888f
Generation Kill—956.7044 G326.
In a Year with 13 Moons—791.43 F249
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—Seasons 1-4 are at 791.45 I89 and the Christmas Special will soon join them.
The Last of the Mohicans—813.2 C777lmv
Moulin Rouge—791.43 M926
One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest—791.43 O59
Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus—975 S439
Sin Nombre—791.43S614
Terminator Salvation—There were four requests for this.  It has been ordered and will be on the shelves soon.
The Warriors—791.43 W295
Weeds, Season 1—We have all five seasons of Weeds at 791.45 W394.
When Harry Met Sally  Already ordered.
Xiu Xiu, the Sent Down Girl—791.43 X9

These films and TV series were requested by students and it would be good to get them, if we could afford them.  Most are entertainment films, but some of them have academic uses and most would have many viewers.  The total retail for all of these is $5,215.50 (that’s if we get both versions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer).  After an average discount of, say, 25-30%, they would cost about $3,750.  I welcome further requests, but do not see how we can possibly buy these and any others our students might request unless someone can find us some money.

Across the Universe (2 requests)  $14.94
AI: Artificial Intelligence  $9.99   
American History X  $12.97
American Beauty  $12.99             
Argyle Secrets (2 requests)  $19.90
Beavis and Butthead Do America  $9.95
Big Love, Seasion 3 (Two requests-We have seasons 1 and 2)  $59.99
Boys From Brazil  $9.98
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film)  $9.98
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)  Seasons 1-7 $39.98 each (279.86)
The Cable Guy  $14.94
Children of Dune  $14.98
Coraline  $19.98
Corporation  $29.95
Crime and Punishment (TV series)  $19.98
Crips and Bloods: Made in America  $19.95
Da Vinci’s Notebook (TV series)  I find only an a capella musical group when I search for DVN-and no DVDs
Day Watch $14.98
Dexter, Season 4—We have  seasons 1-3 at 791.45 D526.  I’ve signed up to be notified when Season 4 becomes available.
Disturbia  $19.99
Dune (Movie)  $12.98
8 Seconds  $12.97
Elvira Madigan –Unavailable
Fantastic Planet  $24.95
The 4400 (TV series)  Season 1, $19.99; season 2, $28.99; season 3 $season 3 $39.99; season 4 $39.99
Frank Herbert’s Dune (TV series)  $14.98
The Game (TV series)  Season 1, $36.99; season 2 $36.99
Get Smart (Movie)  $19.96
Get Smart (TV series)  Season 1-5, $24.98 each ($99.92)
Gigantic  $14.97
Gone in 60 Seconds  $19.99
Good Rockin’ Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records  $15.00
Gossip Girl, season 2 (TV series)—We would also get season 1.  $59.98 per season ($119.96)
Grease  $19.99
Greek (TV series) (2 requests)  (“Chapter” 1-3 $23.99; “Chapter” 4 $39.99 ($114.96)
Grey’s Anatomy (TV series)  Season 1, 29.99; season 2-4 $39.99 each; season 5 $59.99 ($209.95)
Helter Skelter (remake)  $12.00
House, season 5—Seasons 1-5 $59.98 each ($299.90)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Movie)  $19.98
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (TV special)  $19.97
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)  $19.99
Inland Empire  $29.95
Jawbreaker  $9.95
Las Vegas, seasons 1-5 (TV series)  Seasons 1-5 $59.98 each ($299.90)
The Life of David Gale  $9.99
Meet Me in St. Louis  $26.99
A Midsummer Night’s Dream  $14.99
Memento  $19.94
Monk (TV series)  Seasons 1-8 $59.98 ($479.84)
The Muppet Christmas Carol  $19.99
The Neverending Story  $14.97
The Nightmare Before Christmas (2 requests)  $32.99
Nightwatch  $9.99
Nip Tuck (2 requests) (TV series)  Season 1-5.1 $59.98 each; season 5.2 $39.98 ($339.88)
Not Evil, Just Wrong  $19.95
One Tree Hill (TV series)  Seasons 1-2 $49.98; seasons 3-6 $59.98  ($299.94)
L’Orfeo  $29.99
The Outsiders  $26.99
Power Book—I cannot find that this is a film.
Pretty in Pink  $14.99
Reefer Madness, The Movie Musical  $14.99
The Ring  $19.99
Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (two requests)  $19.96
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer  $7.98 or 9.98 depending on which Rudolph…
St. Elmo’s Fire  $14.94
The Santa Clause 1 & 2  $39.98 for SC 1-3
Seven $12.97
Smallville (TV series) Seasons 1-8  $479.84
Sons of Anarchy (TV series) Season 1   $49.98
Smurfs (TV series)  Season one in two vols., $19.98 & $26.99
Sometimes a Great Notion—I can’t find that this has been released on DVD.
Supernatural (TV series)  Seasons 1-4  $229.62
Star Gate, seasons 1-10 (TV series)  $49.98 per season ($499.80)
Studies in Abundant Living, vol. 1  I can’t find that this is a film.
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (TV series)  $59.82
Tokyo Zombie  $26.97
Twilight Zone, 5th season—We have seasons 1-4 at 791.45 T972  Season 5  $69.95
White Christmas  $24.99
White Collar, season 1  This is not yet available.  I have signed up to be notified when it becomes available.
The Year Without a Santa Claus  $14.98

Request (2/20/2010):
Clean the shelf with the red glass pieces.

       Our Reply (2/23/2010):
       Good eye! The shelf and the glass pieces are now relieved of their dust bunnies. Might we offer as an excuse for overlooking it in our cleaning regimen an extreme fear of toppling the entire art installation over and breaking it to tiny glassine bits? :-) 

Request (2/13/2010):
Oh dear. It would seem that we are missing two CRUCIAL items in our collection.

1) The entire Percy Jackson series. We have the Lightning Thief it seems, but not others...
2) The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD (or VHS for that matter).

I do hope to see these items in our collection very soon!

        Our Reply (2/14/2010):
       It is bizarre indeed.  We could have sworn we had a copy of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" in our collection. We plan to order films tomorrow so I'll get this one, too.  As for "Percy Jackson and the Olympians"--aren't they wonderful books?  Bob has read them all and will order the second through fifth books in the series this week.  How's that for service?

               Requestor's Follow-Up Comment (2/15/2010):
                     Prompt and awesome! You run an amazing library!

Request (2/8/2010):
You need to have more hot chocolate next to the coffee.  I love it when you do, but that seems to be only about twice a week...Any chance you could throw some more packets out?  Thanks!

        Our Reply (2/10/2010):
       Thank you for your comment. Usually, we put the hot chocolate packets out when it snows. It's really a sort of sporadic distribution. We will try to put them out more often.

Request (1/21/2010):
Thanks for having such a fun game night! I overheard someone say we should have it weekly...I agree! Or at least monthly :)

       Our Reply (1/25/2010):
       Clearly, Game Nights @ Perkins Library are a huge success! We will continue to hold them regularly. Weekly would be nice...but per semester may be more realistic.  

Request (1/13/2010):
We had a phone request for "When Harry Met Sally". Surprisingly, we do not have it in either our DVD or VHS collection. So I am requesting that we change that.

       Our Reply (1/14/2010):
       This excellent, classic DVD will be on our next video order! 

Request (1/14/2010):
We have received a request that we buy a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s collection of New Yorker essays, What the Dog Saw.  We will order this with our next batch of book orders.  The request was anonymous, so we can’t notify the requestor directly when it becomes available, so watch this space for an announcement.      

Request (1/13/2010):
We had a phone request for "When Harry Met Sally". Surprisingly, we do not have it in either our DVD or VHS collection. So I am requesting that we change that.

       Our Reply (1/14/2010):
       This excellent, classic DVD will be on our next video order! 

Request (1/12/2010):
Went to go get coffee the other day and an older lady working at the library told me to stop pouring sugar into my coffee. Apparently, I put too much sugar in for her taste. It really offended me for she didn't do it once but 3 times to me; she's not the one drinking the coffee--I am! 

       Our Reply (1/13/2010):
       We apologize.  We, your library faculty and staff, like you, our students, very much and we care about you and sometimes we let it show more than we should.  Nevertheless, you are our guests and it is up to you to supplement your coffee as you please.  Now, bottoms up!

Request (12/6/2009):
The library should get a fireplace. It would make reading on snowy days much cozier.

       Our Reply (12/10/2009):
       Great idea, from someone who thought she would stymie the library wtih an impossible request! After a bit of finagling, we have devised an appropriate compromise as a solution: the sights and sounds of a real wood fireplace, delivered via! So, come in from the cold to Perkins Library and enjoy our nice warm fire! Bring your marshmallows (no need to bring toasting sticks, though), and relax with a cup of hot coffee.

Request (11/16/2009):
Dear Library,
You should really replace the dead computer on your front counter. And while you're at it, replace the other one, too. It has got to be the oldest computer on this campus and it's slow. Realllllllly slow. Thank you. - A Library User

       Our Reply (11/17/2009):
Dear Library Student Assistant (you thought you were being tricky!): Computer replacement is beyond our control. Computer Services, bless their hearts, has a plan for replacement of these archaic computers. Please stay tuned.

Request (11/13/2009):
The computers should be turned off at least once a week in order to cycle them and allow them to perform their updates.

       Our Reply (11/17/2009):
We consulted Computer Services and have enacted a plan to shut computers down on Friday nights and to resboot them on Saturdays. Thanks for the suggestion!

Request (11/13/2009):
Could you please acquire the latest "Terminator" movie? I know that's not a very academic request, but I (and probably everyone else who wasn't able to see it over the summer) would be very grateful. Thanks!

       Our Reply (11/17/2009):
Our DVD collection is academic+; we have plenty of stuff for entertainment's sake, including the first three "Terminator" movies. The fourth movie will not be released until December 1, 2009, but we have pre-ordered it. Check back, please!

Request (11/1/2009):
I think it would be great if we had a few more pairs of headphones.

       Our Reply (11/2/2009):
Good idea! We have added five new sets to our rotation. Happy listening!

Request (10/26/2009): This looks amazing, I heard an NPR thing about it, you should check it out!

       Our Reply (9/30/2009):
We'll be ordering it! It DOES look interesting!

Request (10/8/2009)
I feel as though the library would be much homier if we had a library cat. There is a tradition of libraries having cats that I think we should honor.

Our Reply (10/9/2009):
You’re right: there is a healthy tradition of libraries being homes to feline friends. Of the approximately 300 cats currently living in libraries, one of them resides at Broken Bow Public Library in NE! TLC (Top Library Cat) has his own link on the library’s webpage and, as you can see, some very stylin’ shades ( On the other end of the spectrum is Ernster, “the Virtual Library Cat” who lives on the Deane Law Library (NY) webpage at

We would LOVE to have a libraricat and have actually considered it in the past. However, there are some problems we can’t seem to work our way around:
1. Many people are allergic to cats.
2. Kittehs are like information—they wants to be free. How to keep the cat from darting out the door?
3. Cats require litterboxes.
4. Someone would have to care for the cat when we are closed for breaks and holidays.

Until we find a solution to all of these dilemmas, we shall remain catless.

Request (9/30/2009)
Have you ever considered putting felt pads on the bottom of the heavier chair legs? Sometimes the noise of them scooting on the floor can be distracting. 

Our Reply (9/30/2009):
Actually, we have, and if you are lucky you can still find a few of them attached to chair legs.  The problem is, the friction from scooting across the floor scrapes them off the legs.  It is still a good idea, though, and maybe adhesives have improved since we last tried it.  So, we will ask the library's maintenance staff whether we might try this again.  We'll update when we have their opinion on feasibility.  Thanks for this good suggestion that really WILL make us better, if it can be done.


Multiple Movie Requests Over a Period of Time (9/23/2009):
Whoa!  Movies are very popular.  Since the beginning of the school year students (and others) have put a heap of requests in the little box at the circulation desk.  We first put the box out last spring because the Student Association’s Entertainment Committee gave us their leftover money to buy DVDs (many thanks, SAE!).  We had so many requests, and bought so many movies, that we are still processing them and haven’t had a chance to organize and make a list of them.  But we will!

Meanwhile, here is an alphabetical list of those received since the monster DVD order at the end of June.  If we already owned the film, I have given the call number.  Those we don’t have we will get, unless indicated otherwise.

Breaking Bad (3 requests).  We have season 1 at 791.45 B828; season 2 is on order.

Brothers & Sisters.  We have all three seasons at 791.45 B874.

Blade Runner.  We have at 791.43 B632.

Blue Velvet.  We have at 791.43 B658v.

The Bucket List.    We will order.

Charlie Wilson’s War.  We have at 958.1045 C929cv.

Cinema Paradiso (“Amazing! Can’t rent it anywhere closer than Lincoln”).  Except it is here at 791.43 C573.

City of God.  We have two copies at 791.43 C581g.

A Clockwork Orange.  We have this in VHS, but we will order on DVD.

Corsican Brothers.  We will order.

Crumb.  This went missing last year but we’ve replaced it.  It’s at 791.5 C956.

Dave Mathews Band.  OK, we’ll get the Live at Radio City DVD.

Death Cab for Cutie.  Alright, alright, it looks interesting, we’ll get it.

Dune.  There is an “extended edition” that we will order.

Elvira Madigan (“Beautifully filmed romance/tragedy”).  This DVD is out of print and pricey.  I’m putting it in my “Think About This” pile for now.

Entourage, Seasons 1-5.  We have these at 791.45 E61.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  We have this at 791.43 F288f.

(500) Days of Summer.  We will order (it hasn’t been released yet, though, so it may be a while).

Ghost Rider.  For five bucks at Amazon, we will order.

Gossip Girl, Season 2.  Shouldn’t we also have season 1?  I’m going to wait on this (and most requests to start new series until some nice organization throws money at me.)

In einem Jahr mit 13 Mohden (In a Year with 13 Moons).  Ah, Fassbinder.  OK.  We will order.

Las Vegas.  This looks interesting, but we’ll wait and see how the money holds up.  Six seasons adds up pretty steeply.

Lost in Translation.  We have this at 791.43 L881t.

Mad Men, season 2 (2 requests).  We have this at 791.43 M178 v. 2

Maurice.  We will order.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  Assuming you mean “the movie” and not one of the collections, we will order.

Mysterious Skin.  Weeellll, Ok.  We will order.

National Geographic: Human Footprint.  We will order this interesting looking science film.

Oh God You Devil and Oh God you Devil Two.  No.  Just no.  But if you’re really in to this we can get the original, Oh God, really cheap from Amazon.

One Tree Hill, season 6.  Why season 6?  What’s wrong with seasons 1-5.  Although it looks intriguing, I’m putting this in my “Buy later, if we find a cache of cash” pile, too.

Precious.  I can’t get this because I can’t find it.  Will someone tell me more about it?

Princess Bride.  We have this, it just hasn’t been processed yet.  It’ll be available for you to borrow soon.

Ruthless People.  We will order.

A Scanner Darkly.  We will order.  Hey, we also have the BOOK, if you’re interested.

Schindler’s List.  We have this at 791.43 S336

Serenity.  We have this, it just hasn’t been processed yet.  It’ll be available soon.

Sin Nombre.  Looks very good.  We will order.

Smallville.  I’ve heard lots of good things about Smallville, and who isn’t interested in Superman?  But there are, like, 9 or 10 seasons available so I’m going to wait and see.

Speak.  We will order.

Star Gate.  Again, there are about 10 seasons of this, so talk to your entertainment committee.  I can get these, but there’s a crisis in the economy still.

Steelyard Blues.  We will order.

Stephen King’s It.  Sure, it’s cheap.  We will order.

STS9??? Oh, you mean Sound Tribe Sector 9.  OK, we will order Live as the Time Changes.

Supernatural.  Aw, there are four seasons of this, so I’ll save it for later.  Maybe someone will find me some money.

Synecdoche New York.  OK, we will order.

The Taming of the Shrew.  A great and amazing film.  We have it at 822.33 Q3 B974.

There Will Be Blood.  We have it at 791.43 T398

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Good Job.  I’d like to, but there are three seasons of this.

The Twilight Zone.  We have seasons 1-3 at 791.45 T972.  I have bought them one a year for the past three years.  We will order season 4; we will order season 5 next year.

Waltz with Bashir.  We will order.

Woodstock.  We have this at 781.6609 W898.  While you’re there, check out Jimi Hendrix: Live at Woodstock at 781.66 H498

Xiu Xiu The Sent Down Girl.  This is out of print, but I’ve found a good used copy.  We will order.

Happy viewing!

Request (9/14/2009)
A “Concerned Patron” wrote: How is it that Katie Van Eaton still has a job at the library?  She seems to hate people, her job and books.  During one visit I saw her sneak into the bathroom to smoke.  She used  a book off the shelf to light her cigar.  (I think it was non-fiction, but I couldn't tell.)  I warned her to change her attitude and she simply laughed and then punched a stranger in the stomach.  Is this who you want representing the library?”

Our Reply (9/17/2009):
We pride ourselves on hiring the most stellar student assistants to work at Perkins Library, but we also recognize the value of diversity and the important lesson that the world is not all sunshine-and-roses. We would be doing our students a disservice if we ignored reality. Hence, Katie. You don’t even know the half of it: she also spits on little kittens, hate rainbows and smiley faces, cuts elderly people off in traffic, takes candy from babies, kicks puppies and wears a permanent scowl.

Request (9/13/2009)
Do you have newspapers from Omaha and Lincoln available in your library?

Our Reply (9/14/2009):
Absolutely! We subscribe to the Omaha World-Herald and the Lincoln Journal Star, in addition to other newspapers (The Washington Post, Grand Island Independent, Hastings Tribune, Irish Times, Wall Street Journal, El Pais...and more!)

Request (9/7/2009)
Heroes Season 3 and Desperate Housewives are available September 1.  Please get them!

Our Reply (9/17/2009):
We have anticipated your need.  Both these seasons were pre-ordered from and they are here and cataloged and can be found in the DVD Collection.  Heroes Season 3 is at 791.45 H559 v. 3; Desperate Housewives is at 791.45 D468 v.5.  We do aim to please.

Request (9/1/2009)

Our Reply (9/1/2009):
It's your lucky day! We already own this delightful DVD. You may not have found it in the catalog because there isn't a space between the two words. It's on the shelf in the DVD section at 791.43 M676. Enjoy!

Question (6/16/2009)
When is the library open during the summer?

Our Reply (6/17/2009):
Perkins Library is open 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday during the summer.

"Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead." Great play! Get it puh-lease :-)

Our Reply (6/17/2009):
We have it on order!

Suggestion (4/28/2009):
How about musical CDs? :-)

Our Reply (4/29/2009):
We wish we could supply music CDs.  As far as that goes, we wish we could supply books on CD or as MP3s.  At this moment in time, we do not have the money to start a new collection.  The Music Library in Fuhr Hall has a significant collection of classical and jazz CDs, which students are welcome to use.  Although they must be used in the Music Library, these CDs would be very nice to listen to while studying.  Hastings Public Library also has a collection of all types of music CDs that may be borrowed. Good luck!

Comment (4/28/2009):
For goodness sake, can we please get a decent 3-hole punch? The ones we have stink!

Our Reply (4/29/2009):
We apologize for the mechanical failure. We have placed a second punch next to the first and will have our mechanical wizard try to boost their performance. A brand-spanking new 3-hole punch is on our as-soon-as-we-hit-new-fiscal-year wish list. Bear with us, please, in the meantime.

     Update (9/24/2009): We now have a new three-hole punch--       enjoy!

Request (4/28/2009):
We should get the book The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti.

Our Reply (4/29/2009):
We will get it! It looks like a good book on an important subject.

Comment (4/19/2009):
Bob Loblaw Law Blog

Our Reply (4/20/2009):
Can it be true? Another “Arrested Development” fan? Points for referencing one of the most hilarious non-regular characters, however, is your reference to it a question, a statement, a comment, a request? What do you want us to do with it? How about: praise the writers who engaged in clever wordplay to create a memorable Bluth family blogging lawyer named Bob Loblaw and to cast Scott Baio  (also known as Chachi from “Happy Days”) in the role. How about: fondly remember the faux newspaper headline that read, “Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb” (try saying that really fast). How about: trying to say “Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog” really fast (sounds suspiciously like blah blah blah…hear for yourself at Fresh out of ideas on how you wanted us to respond, but had a nice trip down Bluth memory lane as a result! Thanks! [We own all three seasons of AR; check them out at 791.45 A774 v. 1-3]

3 Separate Requests in Identical Handwriting (4/17/2009):
1. The tables should be put back outside...Please and thank you!!!
2. Please put the tables back outside!!! Thank you kindly :-)
3. The weather is let's study outside by putting the tables back outside! Thanks!

Our Reply (4/17/2009):
Your enthusiasm for both the decent weather (thank you, Spring) and for our library patio furniture is much appreciated and duly noted. Before Easter Break, we placed a request for the furniture to be returned to the patio, but there are other projects (such as creek landscaping/fixing) going on and other work orders in the queue, so please be patient. The furniture will be returned when Maintenance has a chance to do so.

Request (4/15/2009):

Raises? :-)

Our Reply (4/15/2009):
Our student assistants are superbly awesome and we would love to be able to give everyone raises. Alas, wages are beyond our control. What we can, however, do: sing you an uplifting song; take your shoe size and obtain orthopedic lifts for your shoes; or provide stepladders to elevate you behind the front desk. It could be worse: you could be working for tips or we could go to a system of compensation that makes you compete againstg one another in reality tv-style. Be thankful, lest it could be worse. In other words: revel in doing important and worthy work at such a great place with such great people, and that should buoy you.

Comment (4/14/2009):
I would like to make a formal complaint against [student assistant name deleted]. Just because I pronounce ellipses, ornery, and hearth wrong, does not constitute acts of violence against me.

Our Reply (4/15/2009):
While we would like to apologize for [our student assistant's] actions (the S. stands for Snooty, BTW), all acts of violence on the part of library staff against acts of mispronunciation are justified and understandable. Please address complaints in haiku form to Susan or Meg. If you would like to err (does it rhyme with “air” or “her”? Complicated, isn’t it?) on the side of preventive caution, check out The Pronunciation of American English: An Introduction to Phonetics (421.5 B869p) or we’d be happy to interlibrary loan English Grammar for Dummies for you. Please submit the request to Meg; iambic pentameter preferred.

Request (3/30/2009):
"Get Shorty" the movie.

Our Reply (3/30/2009):
We'll include it in our next order!

Request (3/29/2009):
"I Love Lucy" the TV series, not the "Lucille Ball Show" (I've seen it). "I Love Lucy" is way better and it has some historical meaning.

Our Reply (3/30/2009):
Indeed, it does! We will acquire this...stay tuned!

Request (3/29/2009):
Since we have "Sleeping Beauty" can we get "101 Dalmatians" on DVD?

Our Reply (3/30/2009):
The 1961 cartoon version, right?  Okay, but the only versions available seem to have been reworked to edit out the smoking.  So it won’t exactly be a slice of 1961.  Wonderful villains, though.

Request (3/28/2009):
I think a wonderful addition to the Library's movie collection would be a copy of "Alice in Wonderland." Not the Disney movie, but the 1999 made for TV movie that is actually more accurate to the story.

Our Reply (3/30/2009):
We'll get it!

Request (3/28/2009):
Can you please get Seasons 3-7 of "Scrubs"?

Our Reply (3/30/2009):
We should be able to get "Scrubs" yet this spring.  The economy is tough but we all need something to laugh at and "Scrubs" is pretty funny, we have to admit.  Just curious: what’s wrong with seasons 1 and 2 that you don’t want them?

Request (3/4/2009):
We should have book holders for when we study.

Our Reply (3/6/2009):
What exactly do you have in mind?  We aim to please, but do you want us to supply you with a minion, a lackey, a warm body to hold your book for you?  Please be more specific. (We do have lap desks available for check out; ask at the front desk.)

Comment (3/2/2009):
This isn't a question or request so much as it is a comment (and a very positive one at that!) I think that the Fair Trade coffee is awesome, and I'm so glad that the library is finally serving it! Any chance it will ever become the full-time coffee?

Our Reply (3/4/2009):
Thank you for kind comment about Perkins Library making fair-trade coffee available twice per week.  I am glad we are finally able to do this.  I think it is important, from a social-justice standpoint, that we do this.  I wish we could make the changeover complete, but, frankly, the cost of fairly traded coffee is maybe three times the cost of our regular blend.  Time will tell.  It always does. 

Best wishes and thank you for supporting Perkins Library.

Request (2/19/2009):
Have a beard growing contest with Rob Babcock.

Our Reply (2/20/2009):
Interesting idea. Since the library only has one (full-time) male employee, we're assuming you'd like to see a beard battle between Director Bob Nedderman and Dr. Babcock. But, why be exclusive? Wouldn’t you like to see a Grisly Adammed Glenn Avent, a mutton-chopped Turner McGehee, a chinstrapped Ron Chesbrough, a goateed Dan Peters, a fu manchued Matt Fong? [Okay, technically, that last one is a moustache, not a beard…I got carried away by the prospect of a campus-wide downy duel.] Get everyone on board and we’d be happy to talk details.

Request (1/21/2009):

Prince Caspian on DVD…it has more literary merit than Desperate Housewives in my opinion, and we have that on DVD!

Our Reply (1/21/2009):
We are delighted