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Women's and Gender Studies (Minor)

Women's and gender studies at Hastings College
Women's & Gender Studies (Minor)

A minor in Women’s and Gender Studies provides a unique interdisciplinary program. This training appeals to employers and higher education programs as students become well-rounded members of the academic community. 

Women’s and Gender Studies minor provides students an opportunity to gain a wider perspective about the lives of women through analyzing the social, political, economic, psychological and educational structures that influence women’s lives. Students also critically examine how gender and sexuality are constructed and defined. This knowledge is gained while students develop skills in reading, writing and analysis.

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Mission of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program

The mission of the Women’s and Gender Studies Minor at Hastings College is to:

  1. Promote gender equity in an academic climate that hears and respects differences.
  2. Ensure that educational opportunities related to gender and women’s issues are available in the academic community.
  3. Provide research opportunities related to gender and women’s issues for students.
  4. Offer networking for students.