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Majory in psychology at Hastings, where you'll see success
Why major in Psychology at Hastings College?

Why do we think and act the way we do? Psychology and the understanding of human behavior provide incredible insight into solving some of the biggest problems of today in a multitude of fields – from education to economics to politics. All these and more benefit from understanding why people think and act as they do.

As a Psychology undergraduate at Hastings College, you’ll explore human behavior with professors who have a variety of specialties and interests. This allows you to experience a broad range of disciplines while tailoring coursework to areas you find most intriguing. With Hastings College’s focus solely on undergraduate studies, you’ll be involved in writing research proposals and conducting experiments then analyzing results and writing for publication.

You’ll discover how to effectively use technology, including sophisticated data analysis software; how to navigate the body of psychological knowledge; and methods to design and conduct research. Perhaps you’ll even assist a professor in researching NFL statistics and change blindness. From a career to graduate school, these Hastings College experiences set you apart!

While growing your abilities as a psychology major at Hastings College, you’ll demonstrate an understanding of the goals, methods of knowing, areas of study and assumptions that characterize psychology. Through a broad collection of classes , you’ll gain an appreciation of how psychology connects to so many other fields.

Numerous social service agencies rely on our psychology majors to assist with projects. You might find yourself in an internship supporting persons with intellectual disabilities at Mosaic, completing casework for clients with the Spouse Abuse Sexual Assault (SASA) Crisis Center, helping children by serving as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) or providing meals to elementary students as leader of the Food 4 Thought program. You might shadow staff at The Bridge, Bristol Station and the Hastings Public Schools' psychologist. Opportunities for experience abound!

Academic conferences on campus, including Academic Showcase, and at the state and regional levels are more great opportunities to shine. Recently, students presented research at the Great Plains Students’ Research Conference and the Nebraska Psychological Society/Psychological Education and Research in Kansas Convention.

You’ll find Hastings College Psychology graduates in dozens of different career settings, including serving as school psychologists, clinical psychologists, social workers, marketing and advertising experts, neuropsychologists at hospitals and research assistants in doctorate (PhD) programs. Others continue their studies with plans of joining law enforcement agencies and the ministry.

Excite your neural pathways! Apply to Hastings College today so you can put your psychology degree to work tomorrow.

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