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Model U.N.

Hasings College Model United Nations (MUN)
Hastings College Model United Nations

The Model United Nations team at Hastings College supports students as they explore the world around them, develop leadership skills and work to address critical issues of the day.

As part of the team, you’ll work to address issues such as

  • Peace and security,
  • Human rights and
  • Sustainable development.

Along the way, you’ll be inspired to find solutions!

As you represent different countries with different interests and positions in the world, Model U.N., also known as MUN, gives you a global view and opportunity to examine foreign policies and think critically about issues from different perspectives and points of view. After all, how would your country approach the problem? Who can you win over to your point of view? What are the trade-offs?

MUN at Hastings College pushes you to research, write, speak, negotiate and think on your feet. These are much needed skills in the modern world – the types of skills employers value and the types of skills that help build leaders and organizers who help change the world.

High School Model U.N. Conference 

The Hastings College Model U.N. Conference is a great way to learn more about the United Nations, improve speaking skills and collaborate with others to create resolutions.

Delegates – students – will represent countries from all over the world in a variety of committees and engage in diplomatic negotiations on their topic with other delegates. During the conference, delegates will:

  • Debate current global issues,
  • Make speeches,
  • Negotiate with delegates from other member states and
  • Collaborate with fellow delegates in an effort to develop draft resolutions addressing the committee's topics.

Committees & Topics

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
1. Syrian Refugees
2. Efforts to control displacement due to outbreaks and epidemic

Contact Dr. Sabina Hilaiel, Model U.N. Faculty Advisor.