Dr. Steven Bever | Hastings College

Dr. Steven Bever

Professor of Physics and Chair of the Department
Morrison-Reeves Science Center

Dr. Bever teaches college physics, electronics, electricity and magnetism, modern physics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, mathematical physics and astronomy.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Manchester College and his master’s and doctorate degrees from Purdue University.

A member of the Hastings College faculty since 2003, he has offered J-Term courses in astronomy, advanced laboratory experiments and the physics of loudspeaker design. In recognition of his excellent lecture and laboratory skills, his oversight of senior projects and the department’s advanced laboratory course, and all of his efforts to provide up-to-date laboratory experiences for physics majors, Dr. Bever currently holds the Elvena and Hattie Holling Distinguished Professorship in Science.

His research interests include electromagnetic scattering theory, micro-optical elements, computer-generated holograms, and acoustical analysis techniques applied to loudspeaker design. Dr. Bever’s research related to micro-optical elements was published and received a NASA award for technical innovation. He was awarded a SAA Polished Apple Award in 2006 and the Alpha Chi Outstanding Faculty Member Award in 2007.