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Music Audition

Music audition at Hastings College
Music Audition

Numerous scholarship opportunities are available to all students who actively participate in band, choir and other musical activities at Hastings College. Through the generosity of alumni and friends, Music Scholarships are available via an audition to those who demonstrate talent.

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How to Prepare, What to Expect for an Audition

To best showcase your talent, we recommend performing two pieces in contrasting styles. If performing just one piece, try to choose something that features more than one style. For instance, wind players should try to demonstrate both legato and tongued passages.

If you play and sing, we encourage you to demonstrate your multiple talents!

Singers should memorize their audition pieces, and know that we can provide an accompanist for you.

We prefer that solo pianists play from memory, but wind, percussion and string players often perform with music. In any case, we want you to feel you had the opportunity to perform to the best of your ability! If you have scales and/or arpeggios memorized we would encourage you to include those in your audition.

Your meeting with music faculty will be in a welcoming atmosphere, but remember, this is your formal audition for a college scholarship so please dress appropriately — you'll want to make your best impression.

Following the audition, please ask questions! We would love the opportunity to visit with you.


Contact Dr. Byron W. Jensen, Chair of the Music Department at or the Music Office at (402) 461-7448.