Why major in Mathematics at Hastings College?

Mathematics is challenging – but isn’t anything worth doing a challenge? With Mathematics at Hastings College, though, overcoming that challenge opens doors. You’ll know how to think critically and be confident in your ability to tackle the problems of today and tomorrow. Math majors can tackle just about anything!

At Hastings College you’ll have unlimited access to professors with doctorate degrees who want you to succeed. Their broad experience across all areas of the field means you’ll have exposure to a wide range of mathematics, and that you’ll have multiple resources for assistance and expertise. 

Our faculty offer great flexibility in areas that interest you specifically, as they are willing to work with you to develop directed study options that go beyond the Hastings College catalog. During the College’s famous January Term, you’ll have a chance to dive in and experience courses that are of significant interest to professors, including computer hardware, game theory, science fiction, non-Euclidean geometries and designing online games. 

Through challenging coursework and in-class projects, you’ll test your skills and enhance your abilities to apply mathematics to real world and abstract problems. You’ll also have outside opportunities for internships with a number of local businesses and organizations throughout the state, and the chance to participate in research experiences for undergraduates (REUs) at major research institutions all across the country. In recent years, students have secured and completed REUs at such places as the University of Tennessee, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Central Michigan University and Lafayette University.

As a senior, you’ll complete a project that relates mathematics to something you love. Maybe that’s integrating math with another field such as economics or physics, or maybe it’s developing numerical methods to analyze baseball statistics. Perhaps you’d rather write programs to digitize music and from that determine the identity of the person playing a song, and what instrument is being used. Or maybe you’ll end up constructing and solving 3D mazes, and finding interesting relationships between their complexity and fractal geometry. With your math skills from Hastings, you can do all that – and more. 

Math majors are versatile problem solvers, and as a graduate you’ll find doors opening in all sorts of places.

Since math sets the foundation for so many sciences, perhaps graduate or medical school is for you – some Hastings College alumni receive full-tuition graduate scholarships. Maybe that famous law school is more to your liking, or perhaps you’d like to unleash an entrepreneurial spirit and start a business. You’ll find math graduates teaching at the high school and university levels, implementing technology into their farming and ranching operations, conducting statistical analysis for corporations and serving as accountants and actuaries.

The bottom line? Hastings College Mathematics alumni can be found fulfilling their dreams. Apply to Hastings College today.


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