Spanish | Hastings College


Why study Spanish at Hastings College?

You’ll open up a world of opportunities by majoring in Spanish at Hastings College. Our small class sizes help you excel and allow you to easily pair a Spanish degree with another degree of interest - and still graduate in four years. With so many jobs and organizations being global or looking to hire graduates with a knowledge of language, Spanish is a great option!

Opportunities to fine-tune your language skills includes exciting study abroad programs, both through one of our exchange arrangements and during Hastings College’s famous January Term.

As you gain experience, your fluency in and familiarity with Spanish and its related dialects as it spoken and written will expand, as will your understanding of cultural experiences. You’ll be ready to enter the workplace with real-world (and very marketable!) language skills.

You’ll find Hastings College alumni with Spanish degrees teaching in Headstart programs, starting their own companies, working for businesses and organizations, and sharing their passion for Spanish with students at students at all levels.

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