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Welcome to the History Department

"The past is essential and inescapable. Without it we would lack any identity, nothing would be familiar and the present would make no sense." – from David Lowenthal, The Past is a Foreign Country

Students who undertake a major in History at Hastings College operate at the very heart of the liberal arts tradition that is the foundation of Hastings College. The wonder of history is that you may confront the past – and in so doing, redefine you present and perhaps even your future.

Majors will polish reading, writing and discussion skills practicing the historian’s craft. History courses, while widely varied in their subject material and approach to the past, require you to analyze primary sources, synthesize secondary sources and express their ideas in written and oral form. History at Hastings, then, gives you a deeper understanding of the past of your country, culture and world while also developing skills you'll use throughout life.

Students majoring in History at Hastings College will be asked to demonstrate each of these requirements and skills by writing a senior thesis.

In the process, you'll define and then ask a fundamental question about an important historical problem. By researching that problem, analyzing the consequent data within the context of extant historical theory and writing a persuasive interpretive account that explains historically the nature of that problem, you'll answer the central question.

Areas We Excel

Our History Faculty are simply outstanding. Their broad knowledge and focus on teaching – and inspiring – students brings history to life. Their connection to Hastings alumni help demonstrate all the places you can go with a History degree from Hastings College.

While our faculty teach across numerous history subjects, they are most widely known within the areas below. See something that interests you? Schedule a visit and be sure to ask for time to meet with a member of our History faculty.

  • Latin America (especially modern Mexico)
  • Gender History
  • World History
  • European History (especially Medieval Europe)
  • Welsh and Irish History
  • Islamic History
  • Western Civilization
  • American History
  • Women's and Gender History
  • Oral History
  • Sports History