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Graphic Design at Hastings College
Graphic Design at Hastings College

Graphic design at Hastings College features a collection of courses that allows you to develop your talents and build concepting and design skills in a variety of mediums and software. Through opportunities on campus, in coursework and internships, you'll build confidence in your design skills — and build a bold resume that demonstrates your creativity and know-how. 

Graphic and digital design at Hastings College is centered in the Department of Visual Arts. Here, you'll work with engaged faculty who geek out over everything from fonts and typography to the use of color that sends a message — and the role of good design in everything from web and digital to video production and print. 

Building your skills

The depth and expertise of faculty in our Department of Visual Arts help you develop your eye for graphic design. You'll simply learn to see what others don't, and understand why some elements work well together, and why others may send the wrong subliminal message. In the end, it's about visual story telling and having the design match the message.

Hands-on experience through our Center for Applied Media Arts and internships get you ready to impress future employers with your skills and design portfolio. Students focusing on graphic design see opportunities in a number of career paths, including advertising agencies, small and large businesses, illustrators, marketing offices, print and television media, video production companies and as working artists.

Development difference maker

Since every student has a specific path or career in mind, you'll take a professional development course your first semester at Hastings College.

Through this course, you'll explore your goals and work with a professor to map out the best classes across campus to take for the career you have in mind. Courses in everything from graphic design to computer painting are a given, but psychology, professional communication and marketing courses may help you create not just any professional path, but the path that belongs to you.

Graduate with experience

Students studying graphic design at Hastings College do a lot more than spend time in classrooms learning the ins and outs of advanced software and the elements of design and typography. You’ll design posters for student organizations and events, logos and brand identity packages for local businesses, and motion graphics for campus video productions. You'll build your presentation skills so you'll be ready to talk with employers — and clients.

Our Center for Applied Media Arts provides all these experiences plus opportunities to complete special projects for all parts of campus, from our marketing office to academic departments looking for help designing materials for invited speakers, special events and web pages.

Through these experiences, you’ll build skills that will help you earn a quality internship that provides real-world experience that matters in today's job market.

At every step in your path you'll appreciate the stepping stones of teaching, counseling, inspiring, supporting and guiding from our engaged faculty. It's an experience that's true to Hastings College and you won't find it anywhere else.

See your future at Hastings

See for yourself how we personalize your education to your talents and your goals.

Schedule a visit and we’ll demonstrate how Hastings will inspire you to reach your potential.


Hastings offers media scholarships for majors and those who participate in media-related activities on campus, including design.

Complete this form to let us know you're interested in a scholarship!

While we accept scholarship applications year round, for best consideration, we recommend you:

  • Complete your admissions application by February 15, and
  • Meet talent scholarship requirements, such as an interview, by March 15.

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