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Early College

Earn college chemistry or math credits at Hastings while still in high school.
Early College at Hastings College

If you're a Hastings, Nebraska, area high school student, Hastings College offers dual credit courses that allow you to earn college credits in Chemistry and Mathematics while still in high school!

Chemistry I and II with Lab (CHM 151/155 and CHM 153/157) are offered by the Hastings College Chemistry Department. Calculus I (MTH 150) is offered by the Hastings College Mathematics & Computer Science Department.

To keep duel credit courses consistent with the on-campus course, you'll use the same textbooks, conduct the same labs and have access to the same online materials and assignments as students on campus.

The Application

The Early College Program is available to area high school seniors who rank in the top half of their class or who are recommended by their high school counselor or principal.

To participate in the program:

The cost of the program is $60 per credit hour, with regular college credit awarded upon the satisfactory completion of course work.

Note: You may take courses during the summer following your junior year, during the fall and spring semesters of your senior year and the summer following high school graduation.

Students accepted into the Early College Program can pre-register by mailing the form above or at the Hastings College Registrar's Office on or after the following dates for each term:

  • Summer: April 1
  • Fall: August 20
  • Spring: January 15

For Chemistry, contact Dr. Neil Heckman at 402.461.7452 or nheckman@hastings.edu. For Mathematics, contact Dr. David Cooke at 402.461.7418 or dcooke@hastings.edu.