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Business and Economics Department

Welcome to the Department of Business & Economics

The Department of Business & Economics provides undergraduate and co-curricular programs in business, economics, accounting and marketing. We offer opportunities for you to explore diverse careers while acquiring the knowledge and developing the skills to become contributing members of a global society.

Committed to this mission, the department challenges students to:

  • Develop the skills and knowledge to collect, analyze, synthesize, apply and evaluate information responsibly.
  • Communicate effectively with defined audiences in multiple contexts and media.
  • Adapt to a changing world creatively, collaboratively and ethically.
  • Develop respect and appreciation for diverse ideas and cultures.

The department also offers a mentoring, networking and internship program via its Talent Pool. By participating in the Talent Pool, you'll showcase your academic knowledge and talents while making valued contributions to a partnering business or organization. It's a great opportunity to gain experience.

Success in Business

“With my roots grounded in a small farm community in southwest Nebraska, I am driven by a passion to serve rural America,” said Brooke Ballou, a Wilsonville, Neb., native studying Agribusiness and Marketing. more
As global business and marketing leader at 3M, a multinational company based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Danette Wilson Andley ’01 develops business strategies in places around the world. No matter where her job takes her, the lessons she learned at... more
When you sit at a railroad crossing and watch a train go by— its cars loaded with grain or clothing or even automobiles — you likely don’t think about the marketing and logistics it takes to get those commodities to consumers. For Christa Hamilton... more
For three Hastings College graduates, enjoying the Omaha arts scene is all in a day’s work. Amy (Krobot) Rummel ’94, Kori (Else) Radloff ’95 and Jessica (Hardy) Brummer ’04 are all marketing directors working to promote the arts in Nebraska’s... more
Hastings College junior Suzette Escamilla Morales of Hastings, Nebraska, was awarded a Boren Scholarship to study in India this academic year. more