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Hastings College has more than 60 programs of study and academic opportunities that appeal to any number of interests and professional goals, but sometimes there’s no substitute for the experiences you get studying or serving others through mission work in another country, immersed in a different culture.

As a Hastings student, you can travel abroad for a semester, a year or even during January term to England, Spain, France, Russia, Peru and many other countries. Our Irish Fellows Program gives you the opportunity to develop a research question and then explore it in Ireland during each fall semester. We also participate in the Business and Education Initiative sponsored by the government of Northern Ireland, which makes Hastings students eligible for competitive scholarships to study there.

There are many ways for you to participate in international education and service as a Hastings student.

For more information on study abroad, financial support and planning, contact:

Grant Hunter

Did you know?
Grant spent a year in Kosovo working as a Fulbright Scholar-English Teaching Assistant. More about Grant »