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Travel & Experiential Learning Grants

Travel and study grants are available for Hastings College students.
Travel & Experiential Learning Grants

Do you have a creative idea for an experiential learning opportunity that involves off-campus study and/or travel? Would a grant allow you to have an experience connected to your career goals that you would not have without financial support? How would travel and experiential learning contribute to your understanding of the world as an enlightened citizen?

Maybe you want to volunteer in an orphanage in Russia or Tanzania, work with underserved women and children in Omaha, Washington, D.C., or Mumbai?

Hastings College offers multiple travel and experiential learning grants every year that may turn that creative idea into a reality!

We invite proposals for projects with budgets up to $2500, with applications being accepted twice per year, once in the fall and again in the spring.

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For more information on the program, contact Dr. Stephanie Furrer, at

Funds for these programs are provided by:

  • Herbert and JoAnn Klemmer Horizons Fund for Student Travel & Enhanced Learning
  • Knappenberger Fund Travel Grant