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Experiential Learning

Push Your Boundaries

College isn’t just about lectures and book learning. It’s about exploration. Discovering what drives you—and what doesn’t.

Learn by doing at Hastings with January term classes, study abroad, internships, job shadowing and course activities. We’ll help you find your place and passion — and get the hands-on experience all employers seek.

You’ll step into a classroom with a teacher during your first year as an education student to get a sense of that career. On the January term, multi-state photography trip, find out if your calling is to be behind the camera. Can’t decide if you’d rather practice medicine on Fido or his owner? Intern at both a veterinary hospital and doctor’s office to see which is the better fit.

And if you're looking to hone your leadership skills or push yourself academically, check out our Thrive Leadership Program that's designed especially for first-year students or our Honors Program, which provides more freedom to choose courses you want and create an individualized program of study.

When it comes to your future, take action. It’s the Hastings way.