Student Ambassadors:

  1. Create positive public relations for Hastings College.
  2. Greet new students through campus and outreach activities (campus tours, admissions events, etc.).
  3. Assist the admissions office with recruitment-related tasks.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Commit to approximately 8-16 hours per month (Fall, J-Term, and Spring Semester) of scheduled and informal recruitment activities.
  2. Attend free Ambassador dinners as well as planning and training meetings each semester in addition to recruitment activities.
  3. Participate in other events deemed appropriate by the Director of Admissions.

The Student Ambassadors are specially selected, outgoing and friendly, undergraduate students currently enrolled in Hastings College. The selection shall be made on an as needed basis throughout the year. It is the policy of the Hastings College not to discriminate based upon age, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, gender, sex, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran’s status, marital status, religion or political affiliation.

  1. Must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 and be in good standing with Hastings College
  2. Must be in good standing with the Office of Student Affairs.
  3. Must be a full time student.
  4. Must be an active participant in student activities on campus (involved in at least 2 activities).
  5. Must show genuine enthusiasm about Hastings College.
Personal Attributes
  1. Ability to gain confidence and respect of students and college staff
  2. Emotional maturity and personal integrity
  3. Administrative and organizational ability
  4. A desire to assist others, tempered with an awareness of personal limitations
  5. Respect for and belief in the fundamental worth and dignity of all persons
  1. Complete an application online. (Application process is now closed.)
  2. References are required for consideration as an Ambassador. Two references must be from any Hastings College professor, staff member or academic advisor.
  3. After reviewing an application, the Admissions Office may choose to conduct an interview.

For additional information, please contact Traci Boeve, Director of Admissions.