Rhonda Pauley '87 | Hastings College

Rhonda Pauley '87

A Hastings College graduate, Rhonda Pauley ’87 is a member of the Pauley Group in Hastings, Neb. She completed graduate study at the Graduate School of Banking in Boulder, Colo. and has an extensive banking background. Active in her community, she has served on the boards of directors of the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement, past president of Lochland Country Club and is past president of South Central Ag Bankers.

She is currently a realty board member for Lochland Country Club and president of the Hastings Museum Foundation. She is president of Pauley Kids Corp of Kansas and vice president of Pauley Kids Corp of Nebraska, and well as a general partner of several farming partnerships.

Ms. Pauley was elected to the Hastings College Board of Trustees in 2000. She serves on the Buildings and Grounds Committee.