Jennifer Swoboda

Phone: 402.461.7465

Mobile: 402.984.8679

Counselor Region:
Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Jennifer Swoboda

Admissions Counselor

History with Hastings College
I am the only Admissions Counselor who is not a Hastings College graduate so my history is different than my team’s. I have only lived in Hastings for five years and have attended many events Hastings College has hosted. Also, prior to joining the Admissions Team at Hastings College, I had the opportunity to interview, hire and work with many Hastings College students. I was always very impressed with the caliber of students we saw from this institution.

Why I chose to attend Hastings as a student
I grew up in Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. I can really see the benefits of a smaller college like Hastings.

Hobbies and Interests
Downhill skiing is one of my family’s favorite things to do. I also enjoy a good book, a good long bike ride and attending all of the activities that my kids participate in.

Favorite thing about Hastings College
I love attending the sporting events at the college.

Favorite thing to do in Hastings
My favorite thing to do in Hastings is anything social. It could be a college, high school middle school event or a community events. Hastings is such a well-connected community, I can always count on running into friends and making new ones.

Favorite place to eat in Hastings
My favorite place to eat is Sanchez Plaza. It is the best Mexican food in town.

Hidden talent
My hidden talent is that I played piano and flute all while growing up.

Best meal I can cook
I love to make what my family is craving because I know they will look forward to it and eat it. Trying new recipes is something I like to do as well.