Men's Wrestling

A Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) title. That’s what the Bronco Men’s Wrestling team seeks. With leadership from Coach Josh Erickson, a strong freshman class, and support from you, they can make a run.

For the ‘21-’22 season, the team seeks your support for its Pull Up-Athon. They ask that you donate a minimum of $30 — one cent for each of the 3,000 pull ups they will do as a team — to make upgrades to their training room in the Kiewit Building. The goal is to raise $30,000 by December 31.

Several businesses and foundations are doing the heavy lifting to help Bronco Men’s Wrestling. Give today to support this audacious Bronco BOOST.


Giving Honor Roll

Tevita Aholelei

Jessica Altic

Sandra Bacon

Amy Barth

Barbara Bayless

Eric Bents

Amanda Berry

Jazmin Briones

Peter Clarke

Zac ’21 and Briana Chairity

Larry Crawford

Ricardo Damian

Vince Damian

Melissa Davis

Carla DeMent

Morgan DeMent

Miriam Dhannie

Santana Dhannie

Adam Dias

Amy Ehrhardt

The Virgil Eihusen Foundation

Marcos Elithorp

Holly Fedor

Will Ford

Jackson’s Car Corner

Frankye Giron

Allen Glasenapp

John Gregorich

Hector Sotelo Guzman

Laurie Heftner

Jack Henry

H. Wayne Johnon

Heather Johnson

Ross Koch

Lennox Krula

Ryan Kulhanek

Marisol Lucero

Walter Martin

Isaac Mertens ’15

Deidra Michael

Holly McLaughlin

Elizabeth Mitchell

Brayden Mogelinski

Andrea Mogler

Lori Mortan

Austin Moyer

Fernando and Jeriann Munoz

Richard and Juanita Munoz

Samantha Munoz

Lee Nafzinger

Deb and Gary Obermiller

Toni and Carlos Ochoa

Price’s Construction

Myrna Rider

Nancy Sequeira

Erin Sgringnoli

Chance Shandrew

Cassie Shaw

Jill Smith

Kalem Smith

Cali and Manuel Solorio

Carlos Soto

Randy Stephan

Barry Surber

Scott Taylor

Walter Ulrich

Rod Valentine

Jim Wenburg

Help us raise money for the Men’s Wrestling team!


Our  goal is to raise  $30,000.