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In celebration of Dr. Kittie Grace’s 25 year career with the team as well as the team’s return to a robust travel schedule, Hastings College Forensics seeks to grow its nationals travel budget for 2023 and beyond. Therefore, the team is raising $20,000 by June 30, 2022.

Because the 2022 American Forensics Association-National Individual Events Tournament (AFA-NIET) will be in Lincoln, Nebraska, the team will save significantly. In 2023, students and coaches will travel to Santa Ana, California. Let’s ensure those students, who will be under the guidance of new Director of Forensics Jordan Johnson, are equipped to succeed.

A national powerhouse program, the Hastings College Forensics team counts on its alumni for support as coaches, judges, fans, and donors. Make your gift today to invest in the team’s continued success!

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Giving Honor Roll


Jess Ayers

Jen Erickson Baak ’00

Amanda Cargile

Nick Clark ’02

Karen Haase ’89

Courtney Hanson ’21

Andy Heaton

Nikki and Russ Heitmann ’16/’17

Ali Kennon ’20

Megan Koch

Barbara Hanson Langford ’94

William Langford ’92

Michael LaOrange ’76

Richard Loutzenheiser ’84 and Dr. Lorraine Edwards

Trischia (Rueckert) May ’20

Austin McDonald

Sara Ninabuck ’09

Alicia O’Donnell ’96

Jen Labrie-Pereira ’04

Isa Scatturo

Tim and Tina Steffensmeier ’97/’97

Kathy Wilson ’73

Mel Woodard

Nikko Zurawski ’15

Help us raise money for the Hastings College Forensics Team!


Our  goal is to raise the $20,000