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Stock and Security Gifts

Gifts of stock to Hastings College
Stock and Security Gifts

The gifting of stock and securities is an attractive tool to support the mission of Hastings College. Long-term, appreciated securities can be directly transferred to the Hastings College Foundation and you can claim a federal income tax charitable deduction for the full, appreciated value of the securities.

When making your gift, your financial advisor will need delivery instructions to transfer the securities.

Privacy laws do not allow brokerage firms to inform the Foundation of the name of the donor making the stock transfer or your gift designation instructions. In order to acknowledge and direct your securities transfer, please contact a member of the Hastings College Foundation staff with the name of the stock, the number of shares and your gift designation instructions. This will guarantee that you receive full credit for your gift and that it is being utilized as you have intended.


Contact Mike Karloff at 402.461.7473 or