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1882 Fund

Hastings College annual giving is known as the 1882 fund.

A gift of any size to the 1882 Fund is a powerful vote of confidence in Hastings College.
You can support student success by designating your gift to one or more of the following:
Student Scholarships
Your gift to the 1882 Fund will help make Hastings College affordable for all academically-qualified students, regardless of their ability to pay.
Academic Programs
The 1882 Fund helps underwrite an exceptional learning experience for all Hastings College students by funding projects such as student/faculty research, innovative January Term courses, classroom technology, and faculty salaries.
Student Life
From the football field to the recital stage, Hastings College students are engaged in a variety of co-curricular activities. Your gift will provide opportunities for students that build leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills for a lifetime.

Make your gift to the 1882 Fund and consider being a part of the 1882 Fund President's Council.

How does my gift support student success? »Hastings College alumni and friends gifts at work.

  • $100 ($8 a month) provides two new documentary films or texts for Perkins Library.
  • $500 ($42 a month) provides goggles, beakers, test tubes and other supplies for students at the Morrison-Reeves Science Center.
  • $1,250 ($104 a month) provides a service-learning trip during January Term (Hastings College students serve locally, across the U.S. and abroad, including in Ghana, Guatemala and India, among other locales).
  • $2,500 ($208 a month) provides a need-based grant for an outstanding student of limited means who otherwise could not attend HC.
  • $5,000 ($417 a month) provides a special skills scholarship for an exceptional student in the fine arts, speech or student media.
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Thank you for supporting Hastings College!