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Academic Scholarships

Scholarships and grants make Hastings College affordable
Academic Scholarships at Hastings

Hastings College Academic Merit scholarships are awarded based on your standardized test scores and grade point average. Since you provide this information on your admissions application, there's no separate form fill out.
The amount shown in the Academic Merit calculator is renewable each year.

General Academic Awards

Use the Academic Merit calculator below to pinpoint your exact Hastings College academic scholarship.

Academic Merit Scholarships range from $8,000 to $16,000, depending on your ACT or SAT score and GPA.

Scholarship Calculator
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Samuel Alexander Scholarship (Department Scholarship)
If you’re a student who shows ability, potential and passion in an academic area, you may be eligible for a Samuel Alexander Academic Scholarship. These scholarships range upward from $2,000 and are awarded to students who choose not to receive Talent Scholarships, such as an athletic, music, theatre, art, speech/forensics and media scholarships.

Send us your test scores

To facilitate awarding your academic scholarship, you can send us your ACT or SAT test scores by including the Hastings College code on the test form.

  • ACT code - the Hastings College school code is 2456
  • SAT code - the Hastings College school code is 6270