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Financial Aid FAQs

Frequently asked Financial Aid Questions.
Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I apply for financial aid?
Our application for admissions is also our application for financial aid. In order to apply for Federal Financial Aid, students must complete the FAFSA after January 1. Hastings College's school code is 002548.

2) I know I'm not going to qualify for federal need based aid. Do you still want me to file the FAFSA?
Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may enable you to receive additional non-need based federal aid or grants from Hastings College. Many factors affect the outcome of the FAFSA, such as the number of dependents in your family or the number of family members in college, so it is in your best interest to file the FAFSA.

3) What is the difference between a grant and a loan?
A grant does not have to be paid back. A loan does need to be paid back.

4) Does out of state tuition apply?
As a private college, Hastings College does not charge extra for out-of-state students.

5) Is there a deadline for completing the FAFSA?
No, however we ask that you complete the FAFSA as soon as possible so we can assemble the optimal financial aid package for you.

6) Why did I get different federal aid at one college than I did at another?
Your Pell Grant and Direct Stafford Loan amounts will typically be the same from one college to another. State grants and the Perkins Loan can vary in amounts because each college allocates these funds to students to best fit their students' needs.

7) My family's financial situation has changed significantly from last year. What can I do?
You may request a review of your financial aid eligibility due to certain changes in circumstances not addressed on your original FAFSA. Contact Traci Boeve, Director of Financial Aid, at 402.461.7431.

8) What scholarships are available?
Academic merit and talent scholarships are available.

9) How much will my books cost?
The cost of books can average $500 per semester although it can vary based on the major. For example, biology and chemistry students will need to purchase lab coats and students in art courses may be required to buy paint or other supplies. If you requested additional loan funds to cover books, the student can request a book loan advance at the Bronco Bookstore prior to classes starting or receive an advance from the Financial Aid Office if purchasing books from another source.

10) What are my payment options and when are fees due?
Hastings College offers three payment plans:

  • Payment Plan - This option offers five monthly payments per semester through our online payment plan provider, Official Payments. The first payment for the fall semester is due August 10. The first payment for the spring semester is due January 10. There is a $35 fee per semester.  
  • Payment In Full - Payment is due on the first day of classes each semester.
  • Direct PLUS Loan - Parents are eligible to apply after July 1 for the Direct PLUS Loan to cover the cost of education minus other financial aid. If the parent is not approved for the loan, the student becomes eligible to receive an additional unsubsidized loan. For application instructions, view our forms webpage.

11) Will the college accept payment by a credit cards or debit cards?
Yes, these payments can be made online at the College's MyHC Self-Service portal. Additional fees may be applied by the electronic provider.


Contact our Financial Aid Office at 402.461.7391.