Field Experience Opportunities

Included here is a sample of our field experience courses. For more information or details, please contact Dr. Kass Remp at

ED 140 Educational Laboratory (25+ hours)

  • Introductory field experience in education
  • Taken as a first year student
  • First of a series of school experiences throughout the program
  • Includes observation, tutoring, classroom interaction and reflection

ED 310 Introduction to Special Education (25+ hours)

  • Work with students with special needs and at-risk youth through service learning opportunities
  • Integrated theory and practice
  • Taken in the sophomore year

ED 340/Ed 350 Clinical Experience (45+ hours)

  • Placement in a high school or elementary classroom
  • Experience in the area of teaching interest
  • Work with a master cooperating teacher
  • Taken with or following a teaching methods course
  • Taken as a junior or senior

ED 360 Special Education Practicum I / Mild-Moderate

  • Taken with block of special education courses
  • Tied to assessment, behavior intervention, and methods as related to mild-moderate disabilities
  • Placements include inclusive regular education settings
  • Typically taken as a junior

ED 382 Educating a Multicultural Society (8+ hours)

  • Placement in diverse classroom settings in Chicago; Omaha; Grand Island, Nebraska; Jackson, Mississippi; Belize; the Rosebud Indian Reservation; Denver; or the Migrant Education Program in Hastings, Nebraska.

ED 440 (Elementary) / 450 (Secondary) Teaching Practicum (student teaching) – Semester long placement

  • Personalized student teaching placement for 16-20 weeks
  • Urban options
  • Assigned to master cooperating teacher
  • Supervised by college professor – 6+ visits
  • Participate in pre-opening orientation sessions in schools
  • Attend senior seminar – ED 400
  • Typically taken as a senior

Professional education courses and teaching methods courses also provide additional classroom and service learning opportunities.

 Field Experiences Infused in Professional Teacher Ed / Methods Courses

  • Service Learning (ED 421)
  • Elementary Math Methods (ED 311)
  • Jump Rope for Heart (PED 390)
  • Reading Methods Courses (ED 331, ED 333)
  • Chicago; Omaha; Grand Island, Nebraska; Jackson, Mississippi – Multicultural Trips (ED 382)
  • Science Club (SCI 390) (BIO 390)
  • Intro to SPED Service Learning (ED 310)


Dr. Darci Karr
Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Certification Officer and Chair of the Department