This is an alphabetical list of current journals and magazines available through Perkins Library. The list includes printed magazines and journals physically available in Perkins Library, journals to which Perkins Library has online subscriptions, and journals for which the current issues are available through BioOne, PsychArticles, Project Muse or JSTOR.

Links to the electronic texts of journals are included. The full texts of articles in many other magazines and journals are available through other databases such as Academic Search Premier. To search by title, please use our A-Z List of E-Journals tool (also available via our catalog).

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19th-Century Music (JSTOR)
3 x 3: The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration (Perkins Library)


Academe  (JSTOR)
Accounting Review (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica (BioOne)
Adbusters (Perkins Library 2004 – 2015)
Advocate (Perkins Library)
Africa Today (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Africa: The Journal of the International African Institute (JSTOR)
African American Review (Project Muse)(JSTOR)
African Studies Review (Project Muse)(JSTOR)
Air & Space Smithsonian (Perkins Library)
Alaska Quarterly Review (Perkins Library 2005 – 2015)
AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment (BioOne)(JSTOR)
American Annals of the Deaf (Project Muse)
American Biology Teacher (BioOne)
American Craft (Perkins Library 1980 – 2016)
American Economic Journal : Applied Economics (ONLINE
American Economic Journal : Economic Policy (ONLINE
American Economic Journal : Macroeconomics (ONLINE
American Economic Journal : Microeconomics (ONLINE
American Economic Review (ONLINE) (JSTOR
American Fern Journal (BioOne) (JSTOR)
American Heritage (Perkins Library 1950 – 2012)
American Heritage of Science and Technology (Perkins Library 1985 – 2011)
American Historical Review (JSTOR)
American Imago (Project Muse)
American Indian Quarterly (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
American Jewish History (Project Muse)
American Journal of Education (ONLINE)
American Journal of Mathematics (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
American Journal of Philology (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
American Journal of Physics (ONLINE) (Perklins Library)
American Journal of Political Science (JSTOR)
American Libraries (ONLINE) (JSTOR) (Perkins Library)
American Literary History (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
American Literature (JSTOR)
American Midland Naturalist (BioOne) (JSTOR)
American Museum Novitates (BioOne)
American Music (Project Muse) )
American Naturalist (ONLINE)
American Nineteenth Century History (ONLINE)
American Periodicals: A Journal of History, Criticism, and Bibliography (JSTOR)
American Political Science Review (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
American Psychologist (PsychArticles)
American Quarterly (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
American Review of Politics (Perkins Library)
American Scholar (Perkins Library)
American School Board Journal (Perkins Library)
American Scientist (Perkins Library)
American Sociological Review (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
American Theatre (Perkins Library)
Americas, The (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Annals of the Entomological Society of America (BioOne)
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics (ONLINE) (Perkins Library)
Annual Review of Psychology (ONLINE) (Perkins Library)
Anthropological Quarterly (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
AP: Alternative Press (Perkins Library)
Aperture (Perkins Library)
Applied Vegetation Science (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Arabidopsis Book, The (BioOne)
Architectural Digest (Perkins Library)
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Ardea (BioOne)
Arethusa (Project Muse)
Arizona Quarterly: A Journal of American Literature, Culture, and Theory (Project Muse)
Art Education (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Art in America (Perkins Library)
ArtForum (Perkins Library)
ArtNews (Perkins Library)
Arts and Activities (Perkins Library)
Arts: Arts in Religious and Theological Studies (Perkins Library)
ArtSearch (ONLINE)
ArtUS (Perkins Library)
Asian American Journal of Psychology (PsychArticles)
Asian Music (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Asian Perspectives (Project Muse)
Asian Theatre Journal (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Astronomy (Perkins Library)
Atlantic (Perkins Library)
Audubon Magazine (Perkins Library)
Auk, The (BioOne) (JSTOR)
AV Technology (Perkins Library)
Avian Diseases (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Avian Diseases Digest (BioOne)


Barrons (Perkins Library)
Baseball Research Journal (Perkins Library)
Behavioral Disorders (Perkins Library)
Behavioral Neuroscience (PsychArticles)
Biblical Archaeology Review (Perkins Library)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (ONLINE)
Biography (Project Muse)
Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society (ONLINE)
BioScience (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Biotropica (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Book History (Project Muse)
Book Links (Perkins Library)
Booklist (Perkins Library)
Bookmarks (Perkins Library)
Broadcasting & Cable (Perkins Library)
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Brookings Trade Forum (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Bryologist (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Buddhist-Christian Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society (ONLINE)
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History (BioOne)
Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America (ONLINE)
Bulletin of the History of Medicine (Project Muse)
Business in Nebraska (ONLINE)
Bust (Perkins Library)


Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts (Perkins Library)
Callaloo (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Campaigns & Elections (Perkins Library)
Campus Technology (ONLINE)
Canadian Historical Review (Project Muse)
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science (PsychArticles)
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice (Project Muse)
Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology (PsychArticles)
Canadian Journal of Linguistics/La revue canadienne de linguistique (Project Muse)
Canadian Journal of Philosophy (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Canadian Journal on Aging/La revuew canadienne de vieillissement (Project Muse)
Canadian Modern Language Review, The/La revue canadienne des langues vivantes (Project Muse)
Canadian Psychology (PsychArticles)
Canadian Review of American Studies (Project Muse)
Car and Driver (Perkins Library)
Castanea (BioOne)
Catholic Biblical Quarterly (Perkins Library)
Catholic Historical Review, The (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Cell Stress & Chaperones (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Ceramics Monthly (Perkins Library)
Chaucer Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Chemical & Engineering News (Perkins Library)
Child Development (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Child Development Perspectives (ONLINE)
Childhood Education (Perkins Library)
Children’s Literature (Project Muse)
Children’s Literature Association Quarterly (Project Muse)
China Review International (Project Muse)
China: An International Journal (Project Muse)
Choice (Perkins Library)
Choral Journal (Perkins Library)
Christian Century (Perkins Library)
Christian Science Monitor (Perkins Library)
Christianity Today (Perkins Library)
Chronicle of Higher Education (Perkins Library)
Cinema Journal (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Civil War History (Project Muse)
Classical World (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Clavier Companion (Perkins Library)
Clio: The Journal of Literature, History and the Philosophy of History (Perkins Library)
Clues: American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (Perkins Library)
Coach and Athletic Director (Perkins Library)
Coleopterists Bulletin (BioOne) (JSTOR)
College and Research Libraries (ONLINE)
College and Research Libraries News (ONLINE)
College English (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
College Literature (Project Muse) (Project Muse)
Columbia Journalism Review (Perkins Library)
Comics Journal (Perkins Library)
Commentary (Perkins Library)
Common Ground (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Common Knowledge (Project Muse)
Communication Arts (Perkins Library)
Communication Education (ONLINE)
Communication Monographs (ONLINE)
Communication Studies (ONLINE)
Communication Theory (ONLINE)
Communication Yearbook (Perkins Library)
Communication, Culture & Critique (ONLINE)
Comparative Drama (Project Muse)
Comparative Literature Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Comparative Parasitology (BioOne)
Comparative Politics (ONLINE) (JSTOR) (Perkins Library)
Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (Project Muse)
Computer Music Journal (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Condor, The (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Configurations (Project Muse)
Consortium: Newsletter of the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (Perkins Library)
Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research (PsychArticles)
Consumer Reports (Perkins Library)
Contemporary Literature (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Contemporary Pacific (Project Muse)
Contemporary Southeast Asia: A Journal of International and Strategic Affairs (Project Muse)
Copeia (BioOne) (JSTOR)
CR: The New Centennial Review (Project Muse)
Criminology (ONLINE)
Criminology and Public Policy (ONLINE)
Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention (PsychArticles)
Critical Inquiry (JSTOR)
Critical Studies in Media Communication (ONLINE)
Criticism (Project Muse)
CRM: The Journal of Heritage Stewardship (Perkins Library)
Cross Currents (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Cuban Studies (Project Muse)
Cultural Critique (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology (PsychArticles)
Current Health 2 (Perkins Library)
Current History (Perkins Library)


Daedalus (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Dance Magazine (Perkins Library)
Dance Research Journal (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Details (Perkins Library)
Deutschland (Perkins Library)
Developmental Psychology (PsychArticles)
Developmental Science (Online)
Diacritics (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Discourse (Project Muse)
Discover (Perkins Library)
Dissent (Project Muse)
Downbeat (Perkins Library)
Dramatics (Perkins Library)
Dreaming (PsychArticles)


e-Service Journal (Project Muse)
Early American Literature (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Early American Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal (Project Muse)
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (Project Muse)
Ebony (Perkins Library)
Ecological Applications (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Ecological Archives (ONLINE)
Ecology (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Economia (Project Muse)
Economic Botany (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Economic Indicators (ONLINE) (ONLINE – since 1948)
Economic Review (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City) (ONLINE)
Economist (Perkins Library)
Ecosphere (ONLINE)
Edentata (BioOne)
EdTech: Focus on Higher Education (ONLINE)
EdTech: Focus on K-12 (ONLINE)
Educational Leadership (Perkins Library)
Educational Technology (Perkins Library)
Eighteenth Century, The (Project Muse)
Eighteenth-Century Fiction (Project Muse)
Eighteenth-Century Life (Project Muse)
Eighteenth-Century Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Eire-Ireland (Perkins Library) (Project Muse)
Elementary School Journal (JSTOR)
ELH (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Emily Dickinson Journal, The (Project Muse)
Emotion (PsychArticles)
English Historical Review (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
English Journal (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSOTR)
English Language Notes (Perkins Library)
English Literature in Transition: 1880-1920 (Project Muse)
Enterprise & Society (Project Muse)
Entomologica Americana (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Environmental Entomology (BioOne)
ESPN (Perkins Library)
Esprit Créateur, L’ (Project Muse)
ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance (Project Muse)
Esquire (Perkins Library)
Essays in Medieval Studies (Project Muse)
Essence (Perkins Library)
Ethics & the Environment (Project Muse)
Ethics (JSTOR)
European Journal of Psychological Assessment (PsychArticles)
European Psychologist (PsychArticles)
Evansia (BioOne)
Evolution (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology (PsychArticles)
Experimental Psychology (PsychArticles)
Explicator (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Express, L’ (Perkins Library)


Families, Systems, & Health (PsychArticles)
Federal Probation (ONLINE)
Federal Reserve Bulletin (ONLINE)
Feminist Formations (Project Muse)
Fiberarts (Perkins Library)
Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies (Project Muse)
Film History (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Film Quarterly (JSTOR)
Fitness (Perkins Library)
Florida Entomologist (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Folio (Perkins Library)
Forbes (Perkins Library)
Foreign Affairs (Perkins Library)
Foreign Policy (Perkins Library)
Forensic of Pi Kappa Delta (Perkins Library)
Fortune (Perkins Library)
Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction (Project Muse)
French Colonial History (Project Muse)
French Forum (Project Muse)
French Studies (Project Muse)
Frieze (Perkins Library)
Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Future of Children, The (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Futurist (Perkins Library)


Game Informer (Perkins Library)
Gender & Society (ONLINE)
Gifted Child Quarterly (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Glass (Perkins Library)
Glass Art Society Journal (Perkins Library)
Glimmer Train Stories (Perkins Library)
Global Environmental Politics (Project Muse)
GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies (Project Muse)
Good Society, The (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Governing (ONLINE)
Great Plains Quarterly (Perkins Library)
Great Plains Research (Perkins Library)
Greece and Rome (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice (PsychArticles)


Harpers (Perkins Library)
Harvard Business Review (Perkins Library)

Harvard Educational Review (ONLINE)
Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Harvard Theological Review (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Hastings Center Report (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Hastings Tribune (Perkins Library)
Health (Perkins Library)
Health Psychology (PsychArticles)
Helios (Project Muse)
Hemingway Review, The (Project Muse)
Henry James Review, The (Project Muse)
Herpetologica (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Herpetological Monographs (BioOne) (JSTOR)
High School Journal, The (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Hispania (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Hispanic American Historical Review (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Hispanic Review (Project Muse)
Historian (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
History & Memory (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
History in Africa (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
History Ireland (Perkins Library)
History of Psychology (PsychArticles)
History Today (Perkins Library)
History Workshop Journal (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Holocaust and Genocide Studies (Project Muse)
Horn Book Magazine (Perkins Library)
Human Biology (Project Muse)
Human Communication Research (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Human Rights Quarterly (Project Muse) (JSTOR)


In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Animal (BioOne) (JSTOR)
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Plant (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Inc. (Perkins Library)
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Industrial and Labor Relations Review (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Instructor (Perkins Library)
Instrumentalist (Perkins Library)
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ONLINE)
International Forestry Review (BioOne)
International Journal of Play Therapy (PsychArticles)
International Journal of Stress Management (PsychArticles)
International Philosophical Quarterly (Perkins Library)
International Security (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Interpretation (Perkins Library)
Interview (Perkins Library)
Invasive Plant Science and Management (BioOne)
Irish Historical Studies (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Irish Literary Supplement (Perkins Library)
Irish Times (Perkins Library) (Saturday Edition Online)
Israel Studies (Project Muse)
Issues in Accounting Education (ONLINE)


JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association (Perkins Library)
James Joyce Quarterly (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
JEGP: Journal of English and Germanic Philology (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Jewish Quarterly Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Jewish Social Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
JOPERD: Journal of Physical Education Recreation and Dance (ONLINE) (Perkins Library)
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal for Preachers (Perkins Library)
Journal of Abnormal Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Accountancy (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
Journal of Aesthetic Education (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of American Folklore (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of American History (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of Applied Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Arachnology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Asian American Studies (Project Muse)
Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Canadian Studies/Revue d’études canadiennes (Project Muse)
Journal of Chemical Education (ONLINE) (Perkins Library)
Journal of Coastal Research (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Cold War Studies (Project Muse)
Journal of College Science Teaching (Perkins Library)
Journal of College Student Development (Project Muse)
Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History (Project Muse)
Journal of Communication (ONLINE)
Journal of Comparative Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (ONLINE)
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Counseling Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (ONLINE)
Journal of Crustacean Biology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Democracy (Project Muse)
Journal of Developing Areas (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Diversity in Higher Education (PsychArticles)
Journal of Drug Education (ONLINE)
Journal of Early Christian Studies (Project Muse)
Journal of Economic Education (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of Economic Entomology (BioOne)
Journal of Economic Issues (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of Economic Literature (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of Economic Perspectives (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of Educational Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology (BioOne)
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes (PsychArticles)
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied (PsychArticles)
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (PsychArticles)
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance (PsychArticles)
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition (PsychArticles)
Journal of Family Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Field Ornithology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Film and Video (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Folklore Research (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of General Education (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Happiness Studies (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved (Project Muse)
Journal of Herpetology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Higher Education (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Human Resources (Project Muse)
Journal of Individual Differences (PsychArticles)
Journal of Insect Science (BioOne)
Journal of Interdisciplinary History (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of International Affairs (Perkins Library)
Journal of Irreproducible Results (Perkins Library)
Journal of Japanese Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Latin American Geography (Project Muse)
Journal of Latin American Studies (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of Learning Disabilities (ONLINE) (Perkins Library)
Journal of Mammalogy (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Marketing (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of Marketing Research (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of Media Psychology: Theories, Methods, and Applications (PsychArticles)
Journal of Medical Entomology (BioOne)
Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies (Project Muse)
Journal of Modern Greek Studies (Project Muse)
Journal of Modern Literature (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Narrative Theory (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Nietzsche Studies, The (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Occupational Health Therapy (PsychArticles)
Journal of Orthoptera Research (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Paleontology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Parasitology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Personnel Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Philosophy (Perkins Library)
Journal of Policy History (Project Muse)
Journal of Political Economy (JSTOR)
Journal of Politics (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of Presbyterian History (Perkins Library)
Journal of Psychological Inquiry (Perkins Library)
Journal of Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Psychophysiology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Psychotherapy Integration (PsychArticles)
Journal of Religion (JSTOR)
Journal of Research in Childhood Education (ONLINE)
Journal of Research in Music Education (Perkins Library)
Journal of Scholarly Publishing (Project Muse)
Journal of Social History (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Special Education (ONLINE) (Perkins Library)
Journal of Speculative Philosophy (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Sport History (Perkins Library)
Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (Perkins Library)
Journal of Teacher Education (ONLINE)
Journal of the American Academy of Religion (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Journal of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (Perkins Library)
Journal of the American Musicological Society (JSTOR)
Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of the Early Republic (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (ONLINE) (JSTOR) (Perkins Library)
Journal of the History of Ideas (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences (Project Muse)
Journal of the History of Philosophy (Project Muse)
Journal of the History of Sexuality (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of the North American Benthological Association (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of the North Atlantic (BioOne)
Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society (Perkins Library)
Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (PsychArticles)
Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa (Perkins Library)
Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (Perkins Library)
Journal of Vegetation Science (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Wildlife Management (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal of Women’s History (Project Muse)
Journal of World History (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching (Perkins Library)
Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly (Perkins Library)
Joyce Studies Annual (Project Muse)


Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal (Project Muse)
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (Perkins Library)
Korean Studies (Project Muse)
Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History (Project Muse)


Ladies Home Journal (Perkins Library)
Land Economics (Project Muse)
Language (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Language Arts (ONLINE)
Language Educator (Perkins Library)
Late Imperial China (Project Muse)
Latin American Music Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Latin American Research Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Leadership (Perkins Library)
Learning Disabilities Research & Practice (ONLINE)
Lectionary Homiletics (Perkins Library)
Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Legislative Studies Quarterly (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Lenswork (Perkins Library)
Leonardo (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Leonardo Music Journal (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Liberal Education (Perkins Library)
Libraries & the Cultural Record (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Library Journal (Perkins Library)
Library Trends (Project Muse)
Lincoln Journal Star (Perkins Library)
Linguistic Inquiry (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Lion and the Unicorn, The (Project Muse)
Literary Review (Perkins Library)
Literature and Medicine (Project Muse)
Live Design (Perkins Library)
Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture (Project Muse)
London Review of Books (Perkins Library)
Luso-Brazilian Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Macleans (Perkins Library)
MacWorld (Perkins Library)


Mailbox: The Idea Magazine for Teachers (Grades 2-3 Edition) (Perkins Library)
Mailbox: The Idea Magazine for Teachers (Intermediate Edition) (Perkins Library)
Mammalian Species (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Manoa (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science (BioOne)
Marvels & Tales (JSTOR)
Mathematics Teacher (Perkins Library)
Mediterranean Quarterly (Project Muse)
MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the U.S. (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Men’s Health (Perkins Library)
Mental Floss (Perkins Library)
Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Merrill-Palmer Quarterly (Project Muse)
Methodology: European Journal of Research Methods for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (PsychArticles)
Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin (Perkins Library)
MFS: Modern Fiction Studies (Project Muse)
Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (ONLINE) (Perkins Library)
Middle East Journal (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Missouri Review (Project Muse)
MLN (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Modern Age (Perkins Library)
Modern Drama (Project Muse)
Modern Judaism (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Modern Language Journal (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Modern Painters (Perkins Library)
Modernism/Modernity (Project Muse)
Monatshefte (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist (BioOne)
Montana (Perkins Library)
Monthly Labor Review (ONLINE)
Monumenta Nipponica (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Mother Earth News (Perkins Library)
Mother Jones (Perkins Library)
Mountain Research and Development (BioOne)
Moving Image (Project Muse)
Ms. (Perkins Library)
Multicultural Review (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Music & Letters (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Music Educators Journal (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Musical Quarterly (ONLINE) (JSTOR)


Nabokov Studies (Project Muse)
Narrative (Project Muse)
Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women’s Studies & Gender Issues (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Nation (Perkins Library)
National Catholic Reporter (Perkins Library)
National Geographic Magazine (Perkins Library)
National Review (Perkins Library)
National Teaching and Learning Forum (Perkins Library)
National Wildlife (Perkins Library)
Native Plants Journal (Project Muse)
Natural History (Perkins Library)
Nature (ONLINE)
Nebraska History Magazine (Perkins Library)
Nebraska History News (Perkins Library)
Nebraska Life (Perkins Library)
Nebraskaland (Perkins Library)
Neotropical Primates (BioOne)
Neuropsychology (PsychArticles)
Neus Glas/New Glass (Perkins Library)
New American Painting (Perkins Library)
New Hibernia Review/Iris Éireannach Nua
New Literary History (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
New Republic (Perkins Library)
New Theatre Quarterly (ONLINE)
New York Review of Books (Perkins Library)
New York Times Book Review (Perkins Library)
New Yorker (Perkins Library)
Newsletter – American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (Perkins Library)
Newsweek (Perkins Library)
NINE: A Journal of Baseball History & Culture (Project Muse)
Nineteenth Century Literature (JSTOR)
Nineteenth-Century French Studies (Project Muse)
North American Review (Perkins Library)
Northeast African Studies (Project Muse)
Northeast African Studies (Project Muse)
Northeastern Naturalist (BioOne)
Northwestern Naturalist (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Notes (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature (BioOne) (JSTOR)


Oceanic Linguistics (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Omaha World Herald (Perkins Library)
Onion, The (Perkins Library)
Opera News (Perkins Library)
Opera Quarterly (Project Muse)
Oral Tradition (Project Muse)
Ornithological Monographs (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Out (Perkins Library)


Pais Semanal, El (Perkins Library)
Pais, El (Perkins Library)
PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Paleobiology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Palynology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Parergon (Project Muse)
Paris Review (Perkins Library)
Parks & Recreation (Perkins Library)
Parliamentary Affairs (ONLINE)
Partial Answers: A Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas (Project Muse)
PC World (Perkins Library)
Pedagogy (Project Muse)
People Weekly (Perkins Library)
Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment (PsychArticles)
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine (Project Muse)
Perspectives of New Music (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Perspectives on Politics (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Perspectives on Science (Project Muse)
Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought (Perkins Library)
Phi Delta Kappan (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Philosophical Review (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Philosophy and Literature (Project Muse)
Philosophy and Rhetoric (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Philosophy East and West (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Philosophy of Music Education Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Philosophy Today (Perkins Library)
Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology (Project Muse)
Photochemistry and Photobiology (BioOne)
Physical Educator (Perkins Library)
Physics Teacher (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Physics Today  (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Plains Anthropologist (Perkins Library)
Plainsongs (Perkins Library)
Ploughshares (Perkins Library)
PMLA  (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Poetry (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Political Research Quarterly (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Political Science Quarterly (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Popular Photography (Perkins Library)
Population Review (Project Muse)
portal: Libraries and the Academy (Project Muse)
positions: east asia cultures critique (Project Muse)
Postmodern Culture (Project Muse)
Prairie Schooner (Perkins Library) (Project Muse)
Presbyterians Today (Perkins Library)
Primate Conservation (BioOne)
Principal (Perkins Library)
Print (Perkins Library)
Priscilla Papers (Perkins Library)
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Profession (ONLINE) (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Professional Psychology: Research and Practice (PsychArticles)
Progressive (Perkins Library)
Prooftexts: A Journal of Jewish Literary History (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
PS: Political Science and Politics (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Psychoanalytic Psychology (PsychArticles)
Psychological Assessment (PsychArticles)
Psychological Bulletin (PsychArticles)
Psychological Methods (PsychArticles)
Psychological Reports (ONLINE)
Psychological Review (PsychArticles)
Psychological Services (PsychArticles)
Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (PsychArticles)
Psychology and Aging (PsychArticles)
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (PsychArticles)
Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts (PsychArticles)
Psychology of Men & Masculinity (PsychArticles)
Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (PsychArticles)
Psychology of Violence (PsychArticles)
Psychology Today (Perkins Library)
Psychology, Public Policy, and Law (PsychArticles)
Psychotherapy (PsychArticles)
Public Opinion Quarterly (ONLINE) (JSTOR)


Quarterly Journal of Speech  (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Quarterly Review of Biology (JSTOR)
Quill (Perkins Library)
Quill and Scroll (Perkins Library)


Radiation Research (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Rangeland Ecology & Management (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Rangelands (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Reader’s Digest (Perkins Library)
Reading Research Quarterly (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Reading Teacher, The (JSTOR)
Red Cedar Review (Project Muse)
Referee (Perkins Library)
Rehabilitation Psychology (PsychArticles)
Research in African Literatures (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Review of Educational Research (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Review of General Psychology (PsychArticles)
Review of Higher Education, The (Project Muse)
Review of Metaphysics (Perkins Library)
Reviews in American History (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Rhetoric & Public Affairs (Project Muse)
River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative (Project Muse)
Rolling Stone (Perkins Library)
Rotarian (Perkins Library)


SAIS Review (Project Muse)
School Arts (Perkins Library)
School Psychology Quarterly (PsychArticles)
School Science and Mathematics (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Science (Perkins Library)
Science and Children (Perkins Library)
Science News (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Science Teacher (Perkins Library)
Science (ONLINE)
Scientific American (Perkins Library)
SEL: Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900 (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Sewanee Review, The (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Shakespeare Quarterly (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Shakespeare Studies (Perkins Library)
Shakespeare Survey (Perkins Library)
Shaw: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies (Project Muse)
Sign Language Studies (Project Muse)
Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society (JSTOR)
Sirena: poesia, arte y critica (Project Muse)
Skeptic (Perkins Library)
Sky and Telescope (Perkins Library)
Slavic Review (Perkins Library)
Small Axe (Project Muse)
Smart Computing in Plain English (Perkins Library)
Smithsonian (Perkins Library)
Social Education (Perkins Library)
Social Forces (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State and Society (Project Muse)
Social Psychology (PsychArticles)
Social Psychology Quarterly (ONLINE)
Social Science History (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Sociological Quarterly (Perkins Library) (ONLINE) (JSTOR)
Sojourners (Perkins Library)
South Central Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Southeastern Geographer (Project Muse)
Southeastern Naturalist (BioOne)
Southern Cultures (Project Muse)
Southern Literary Journal, The (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Southwestern Historical Quarterly (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Southwestern Naturalist, The (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Spectrum (Perkins Library)
Spiegel, Der (Perkins Library)
Spin (Perkins Library)
Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality (Project Muse)
Sports Illustrated (Perkins Library)
State Legislatures (Perkins Library)
Strategic Finance (Perkins Library)
Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sports Educators (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Strength and Conditioning Journal (Perkins Library)
Studies in American Indian Literatures (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Studies in Bibliography (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Studies in Philology (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Studies in the Novel (Project Muse)
SubStance (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Supreme Court Review (Perkins Library) (JSTOR)
Survey of Current Business (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Swiss Journal of Psychology (PsychArticles)
        symploke (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Systematic Botany (BioOne) (JSTOR)


T.H.E. Journal (ONLINE)
TD&T: Theatre Design and Technology (Perkins Library)
TDR: The Drama Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Teaching Children Mathematics (Perkins Library)
Teaching Exceptional Children (Perkins Library)
Teaching History (Perkins Library)
Teaching Tolerance (ONLINE)
Tech and Learning (Perkins Library)
        Technology and Culture (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Technology Review (Perkins Library)
Texas Studies in Literature and Language (Project Muse)
Text and Performance Quarterly (ONLINE)
Theatre Journal (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Theatre Topics (Project Muse)
Theology Today (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Theory & Event (Project Muse)
Tikkun (Perkins Library)
Time (Perkins Library)
Tin House (Perkins Library)
TLS: The Times Literary Supplement (Perkins Library)
Tolkien Studies (Project Muse)
Training and Education in Professional Psychology (PsychArticles)
Transactions of the American Philological Association (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Transformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa (Project Muse)
Transition (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Tree-Ring Research (BioOne)
Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature (Project Muse) (JSTOR)


UMAP Journal: The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications (Perkins Library)
UN Chronicle (Perkins Library)
Unicameral Update (Perkins Library)
University Business (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
University of Toronto Law Journal (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
University of Toronto Quarterly (Project Muse)
Ursus (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Utne Reader (Perkins Library)


Vanity Fair (Perkins Library)
Velvet Light Trap (Project Muse)
Victorian Periodicals Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Victorian Poetry (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Victorian Studies (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Vital Speeches of the Day (Perkins Library)


Wall Street Journal (Perkins Library)
Washington Monthly (Perkins Library)
Waterbirds (BioOne) (JSTOR)
We Proceeded On… (Perkins Library)
Weatherwise (Perkins Library) (ONLINE)
Weed Science (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Weed Technology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Western American Literature (Project Muse)
Western Historical Quarterly (JSTOR)
Wetland Science and Practice (BioOne)
Wetlands (BioOne)
Wicazo Sa Review (Project Muse) (JSTOR)
Wildlife Monographs (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Wildlife Society Bulletin (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Willa Cather Newsletter & Review (Perkins Library)
Wilson Journal of Ornithology (BioOne) (JSTOR)
Wired (Perkins Library)
Women and Music: A Journal of Gener and Culture (Project Muse)
Women in Sport and Physical Fitness (ONLINE)
Workforce Management (Perkins Library)
World (Perkins Library)
World Politics (Project Muse)
World Today (Perkins Library)
Wrestling USA (Perkins Library)
Writer (Perkins Library)
Writer’s Digest (Perkins Library)
WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly (Project Muse) (JSTOR)


Yale Review (ONLINE)
YC: Young Children (Perkins Library)
Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (Project Muse)
Yoga Journal (Perkins Library)