Perkins Library is comprised of more than 96,500 volumes, current subscriptions to over 11,000 print and online popular and scholarly magazines and journals, more than 5,000 videos and DVDsBluRays, and a collection of electronic databases. The library’s holdings can be searched via the online catalog. Materials not locally owned, whether located in our state or other libraries nationwide, are available via interlibrary loan.

Checkout guidelines are as follows:

  • General Collection and Curriculum materials may be checked out for a three-week period.
  • Videotapes and DVDs may be borrowed for one week.
  • Reference materials may be checked out with the permission of a librarian.
  • Reserve Materials and Periodicals may be used in the library only.

No fines are charged. We rely on the courtesy of the library’s users for prompt return of materials for the use of other library patrons.

Special Collections
Perkins Library contains five special collections: the Bellevue College Collection; the Brown Collection of Western Americana; the Susan and Gerald Holcomb Lewis & Clark Collection; the Dr. Michael Moody Collection; and Harrold Shiffler’s Philatica Collection.  All special collections materials must be used in the library, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., unless special arrangements are made.

The Bellevue Collection contains items published in the 16th-18th centuries.  Although this collection consists of books on a variety of subjects, its main focus is on the religious controversies of the day.  Approximately half of the books are in English.  These books are located in the Archives.

The Brown Collection of Western Americana consists of about 540 volumes, most of which were donated to the college in 1965 by August Brown. It is located next to the Archives on the south side of the second floor. The Brown Collection includes about 100 volumes of fiction and poetry. The remainder focus on the West in general, and Nebraska in particular, and tell the traditional story of the American West. Some of the books in the Brown Collection date from the 19th century but most are from the first half of the 20th century.

The Susan and Gerald Holcomb Lewis and Clark Collection was donated by Dr. and Mrs. Holcomb in 1995. It is located in the Perkins Memorial Room. The Holcomb Collection is a small collection of about 115 volumes consisting of editions of the journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition dating back to the 1890s and the best scholarly monographs of the last century. Although the collection is not large and does not contain the oldest Lewis and Clark materials, it does include all of the important journals and scholarship on the Corps of Discovery. Additional Lewis and Clark materials are in the general collection.

The Moody Rare Book Collection contains items mainly about the English Reformation, published between 16th-19th centuries.  These rare books have been donated by Dr. Michael Moody, a trustee of Hastings College.  They are located in the Seminar Room.

In 1980, Dr. Harrold Shiffler, Emeritus Professor of Theatre, a recognized expert on theatre philatica, donated more than 30 volumes of his extensive stamp collection to the college. These are also kept in the Perkins Memorial Room. Selections from Dr. Shiffler’s collection are displayed in the library only occasionally, but may be viewed upon request.