Tribute Trees

Tribute trees are a perfect way to honor or memorialize a loved one at Hastings College. Trees can be placed in honor or in memory of a former student, parent or professor. A Tribute Tree application form is available.

For questions or more information contact Matt Fong at or 402.461.7786.

Robert M. Williams ’39
Janice Lacey Williams ’40
2019Sterling Silver LindenNortheast of Daugherty CenterJan Gill ’65 and Matthew Williams and Families
Dr. James W. Johnson2019TuliptreeNorthwwest of Fuhr HallFamily and Friends
Gretchen Timmer2019Sterling Silver LindenNorthwest of Fuhr HallFamiy and Friends
Dr. Charles Evans2019Brandywine Red MapleNorth of Perkins LibraryFamily and Friends
Pam Bohmfalk2019North Wind Japanese Red MapleSouth of Perkins LibraryJohn Bohmfalk
Roger Gipson ’692019Shumard Red OakWest of Bronc HallClassmates and Friends
Roger Gipson ’692019Brandywine Red MapleSteinhart PlazaClassmates and Friends
Elaine Warner Chard2019Red OakSouthwest of Fuhr HallFamily
Dr. Lee Wigert2019Red OakNorth of Morrison -Reeves Science CenterFamily and friends from the Psychology Department
Mark Matthews2018Royal Star MagnoliaSteinhart PlazaFriends and Family
Alexander Hall Alumni2018Red OakEast of Babcock HallAlexander Hall Alumni
Alexander Hall Alumni2018HC American ElmNortheast of Babcock HallAlexander Hall Alumni
Wilma Dunbar2018Colorado Blue SpruceWest side of Steinhart PlazaBilly Dunbar
Dr. Elizabeth Behrens2017American LindenSouth side of Steinhart PlazaDeBoer/Edwards Families
Jay Bittfield2017London PlanetreeEast side of Altman HallEta Phi Lamda Classmates
Dr. Robin & Ann Koozer2016Peking Tree LilacEntrance of Fuhr HallDr. Robin Koozer
Dale E. Black2014‘Greenspire’ LindenEntrance of McCormick HallSusan Medsker-Nedderman and Robert Nedderman
President Don Jackson2013Red OakNorth of Daugherty CenterTeacher Education Department
Remmington Reinick2013American LindenEast entrance of trackHastings College
Tamara J. Babcock2013Princeton American ElmSouth of KiewittSusan Medsker-Nedderman and Robert Nedderman
Dee Yost2013Princeton American ElmWest of Perkins LibrarySusan Medsker-Nedderman and Robert Nedderman
130th Anniversary Hastings College2012Princeton American ElmWest of McCormick HallHastings College
Brad Cusatis2012Northern CatalpaNorth of HSU by Heartwell CreekHastings College
Tasha Keiter2012American SycamoreSouth of Gray Center next to Heartwell CreekHastings College
Roberta Kay Schmidt Siebert2012‘Prairie Gold’ Quaking AspenWest of Fuhr HallJane Browning & Brian Siebert
Dr. Harold C. Shiffler2012Princeton American ElmNorthwest of Scott Studio TheatreSusan Medsker-Nedderman & Robert Nedderman
Eleanor & Tom Jorgenson2011American LindenBarrett Alumni CenterTom Jorgenson
Dani Busboom2011Bur OakNorth of Hazelrigg Student Union2011 Senior Class
Jimmy King2011Bur OakBetween Weyer & Fuhr HallClass of 1961
Evan Wheeler2011Bur OakNorth of Hazelrigg Student Union2011 Senior Class
Jerry Anderson2010Northern Red OakSouthwest of Morrison-Reeves Science CenterDr. Bill Beck
Boy Scouts Troop 2002010‘Princeton’ American ElmWest of Morrison-Reeves Science CenterHastings College
Dave Cunningham2010‘Redmond’ American LindenNortheast Morrison-Reeves Science CenterWill & Ginny Locke
A.H. Jones2010Bur OakEast of Morrison-Reeves Science CenterJack Osborne
Rev. Silas & Ruth Kessler2010‘Valley Forge’ American ElmEast of Morrison-Reeves Science CenterLocke Family
Student Education Association2010Lacebark ElmWest of Morrison-Reeves Science CenterHastings College
Dr. Wendell & Anna Lou Showalter2010‘Redmond’ American LindenNortheast of Morrison-Reeves Science CenterGinny & Will Locke
Dedication of Morison-Reeves’ Science Center2009Royal Raindrops CrabappleEntrance of Morrison-Reeves Science CenterHastings College
Marion Fabrique Glassey2009Red OakWest of Barrett Alumni CenterDarrell & Honey Lou Bonar, Grace McGinnis Shackleford, Kelly McGinnis, Kristen Trenholm
Rev. Kenneth Locke2009Chinkapin OakNorth of Hazelrigg Student UnionLocke Family
Earth Day2007Autumn Blaze Red MapleNear north exit of Circle DriveStudent Environmental Action Committee
Virginia Tech Community2007Autumn Blaze Red MapleSouth of French ChapelStudent Environmental Action Committee
Drs. Fred Condos & Will Locke2006Red OakEast of Hurley-McDonaldStudent Education Association &Teacher Education Department
Jessica Madsen2005Prairiefire CrabappleEast of Babcock Hall near 9th StreetHastings College
Kevin Heineman1996‘Legacy’ Sugar MapleSouthwest of Gray CommunicationsGray Center students & faculty
Dr. Gilbert Adrian1995American Liberty ElmFormerly north side of Steinhart Hall of ScienceScience Division
Dr. Carl Throckmorton1995Amur MapleFormerly north side Steinhart Hall of ScienceScience Division
George W. Rennick1990Red OakNortheast of Perkins LibrarySam Rennick
Irene Moerer & Louise Walter1987Landscaping & Garden, Japanese Tree LilacSouth of Gray CenterKathy & Bob Hindman
Ralph Adams, Jr.1946Many trees and shrubsOriginal campusHal & Gretchen Lainson
Jennie Hart Fuller1934Royal Purple Smoke Tree (Original tree unknown)South of Daugherty CenterNiobrara Chapter D.A.R.