The Hastings College Mission

Hard work. Community. Immediate place and distant horizons.

Drawing inspiration from our Great Plains home, our Presbyterian heritage and our Liberal Arts history, Hastings College will graduate creative, curious and caring students equipped through exceptional teaching and deliberate mentoring to thrive as citizens of their local and global communities.

Hastings College Values

We recognize and constantly remind ourselves that graduating students who will thrive as citizens of their local and global communities is at the heart of everything we do.

We recognize that the opportunity to work together for a common purpose is a gift; we mentor our students, and we teach them by our example that cultivating joy, laughter, and fellowship in the workplace can transform a job into a vocation.

We work hard and we seek continuous improvement and enhanced outcomes in all that we do; we are committed to becoming and remaining the best college on the Great Plains.

We act, speak, and work for the collective benefit of the College and our students; we maintain high standards and we hold ourselves accountable.

We acknowledge the value, the talents, and the ideas of others; we are caring and open-minded citizens in our own community.

We are committed to providing a learning and living environment that encourages students to understand the role of faith in a higher purpose and a commitment to God in their lives; as a community, we respect the role of the church in the College’s heritage, and we remain committed to our affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).