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Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

During the academic year, the Hastings College Speakers Bureau offers programs and entertainment presented by its faculty and staff to any organization within a 50-mile radius of Hastings. Requests for a program should be made at least two or three weeks in advance.

To request services contact Michael Howie at 402.461.7743 or mhowie@hastings.edu.

Antje Anderson, Ph.D
Professor of English and Chair of the Department

"19th Century 'Women's Novels' on Film" (Austen, Brontë,)
"Starring Estella: Dickens' Great Expectations on Film"
"Living in Sin? Scandalous Victorian Couples" (Charles Dickens and Ellen Ternan; George Eliot and George Henry Lewes)
"George Eliot and German Culture: A Love Story"

Robert Babcock, Ph.D.
Professor of History,
Dorothy Weyer Creigh Distinguished Professor in History

"A Distant Constellation: Naples in European and American History"
"Historical Origins and Prospects for Peace in Northern Ireland"
"Historical Origins of the Crises in Yugoslavia and the Balkans"
"Whither Britian?: Disuniting the United Kingdom"
Most European history topics

William Beachly,  Ph.D.
Professor of Biology

"Spiders" (and other arachnids)
"Animal Behavior"
"Loren Eiseley"

John Bohmfalk, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology,
Waldean C. McIntire Distinguished Professor in Biological Sciences

"The Human Genome Project: Problems and Possibilities"
"The Biology of HIV and AIDS"
"Human Genetic Diseases"
"Global Climate Change"
"The Nature of Science: Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent Design"

Stephanie Furrer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

"Baby Talk: How Infants Learn Language"
"From Theory to Reality: Parenting from a Developmentalist Mommy's Perspective"
"Teenagers: To Fear or Not to Fear?"
"Lively Aging: Positive Thoughts on the Best Years of Your Life"

Kittie Grace, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communication Arts, Director of Forensics

"Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Legitimacy Narratives"
"Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Communication: Giving Voice to Those Who Need it Most"
"The Dirty F Word" (feminism and its origins)
"Silence Speaks: Understanding Gary Condit's Use of Political Silence"
"The Importance of Social Movement Theory"
"Utterances and Terministic Screens: Complementing Philosophies of Language"
"HIV Women's Organizations: A Struggle for Women's Space"
"Public, Private, Technical Sphere Argumentation"

Kimberly Graviette, B.A.
Director of Career Services

"Job Search"
"Cover Letters"
"Career Planning"

Judy Hall, Ph.D.
Professor of Teacher Education

"Incorporating Service Learning into Higher Education Courses for Future Educators"
"Behavioral Planning That Leads to Lasting Change for K-12 Students"

Jessica Henry, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication Arts

"Communicating in Multicultural Settings"
"Public Speaking"
"How to Get What You Want: Becoming an Effective Persuasive Speaker"
"The Pervasion of Propaganda"
"How Politicians Get What They Want: The Power of Persuasive Communication"

M. Jean Heriot, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Religion and Sociology and
Associate Director of Vocational Discernment and Service Learning

"Community Service"
"Service Learning"
"Understanding Diversity"
"Ways of Understanding Religious Diversity"
"Careers and Calling"
"The Vocation and Values Program: Students Making a Difference"
"Women's Spirituality"
"Immigration - Experiences in the Borderlands"
"Guatemalan Women's Weavings - Status of Women in Guatemala"

Deb Johnson, M.A.T.
Instructor of Music

Robin Koozer, D.M.A.
Professor of Music and Chair of the  Department
Development Associate for the Hastings College Foundation

"Incorporating Music in the Elementary Classroom"
"Hands on Baroque - A Visit with Handel"
"Music at Hastings College"
"Our Presbyterian Heritage in Hymns"

Thomas Kreager, M.F.A.
Professor of Art, Morton and Ella S. Steinhart Professorship In Art

"From Then to Now" (artist lecture)
"Glass Collecting"

Marc LaChance, D.M.A.
Professor of Music

"Understanding Jazz Music"

William Locke, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Teacher Education

The Oregon Trail in Adams County
"Treeless Plain to Arboretum: The Story of Hastings College Trees"
"The Platte River and Its Rocky Mountain Headwaters"
A variety of topics on the Lewis and Clark expedition:

"Walking in the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark"
"The Lewis and Clark Expedition in Crisis"
"Where are the Indians? Desperate Search for the Shoshones and Their Horses"
"Most Terrible Mountains: Lewis and Clark Struggle in the Bitterroots"

Turner McGehee, M.F.A.
Professor of Art and Chair of the Department,
Morton and Ella Steinhart Endowed Professorship in Art

"Africa Today"
"All This Corn and No Grits" (An Alabamian's impressions of Nebraska)
"On Creativity"

John Perlich, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication Studies

"Handling Speech Anxiety"
"Millennial Mythmaking: Rhetoric and Mythology"
"Dialectical Theory and Relationships: Making it Work"

Clyde Sachtleben, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Physics

"Wonders of the Universe"
"Expansion of the Universe"
"Hubble Space Telescope"
"Communication Using Lasers and Digital Electronics"
Selected physics demonstrations

Judy  Sandeen, R.N., B.C.
Former Director of Campus Health Services

"Sexual Violence"
"Healthy Relationships"
"Alcohol and Other Drug Issues"
"College Students as Peer Educators"

Jonathan Sokasits , D.M.A.
Associate Professor of Music


Dwayne Strasheim, Ph.D.
Professor of English and Linguistics, Dean Emeritus

"Nebraska Place Names"
"Sexism in the English Language"
"Doctor Grammar"

Lee Wigert, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Department

"Co-dependency: Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships"
"Family Systems"
"Healing the Child Within"
"Psychology and Spirituality"
"Stress Management"

Joachim Wunderlich, M.A.
Professor Emeritus of German

"The Art of Translation"
"Culture, Translation and Language"
"English as a Second Language"
"Europe and the European Community"
"Continental European Literature"
"Foreign Language Study in the U.S.A."
"German Immigration to the U.S.A.-Nebraska"
"United States and the European Community"

Student Groups

"Safety! Respect! Dignity!" A presentation by peer educators on the importance and means of providing a safe learning environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or sexual identity.

Presentations on consequence of personal choices encouraging students to enjoy their college years to the fullest by making low risk decisions. They remind their peers that if they choose to drink, there are low-risk options. They also do alcohol poisoning education. They encourage peers to feel equally accepted if they make the choice not to drink. They are able to talk about other drugs (marijuana and prescription drug abuse) too—but their focus will be alcohol because it is more accessible to students. In their presentation, they also look at "social norming," trying to correct misconceptions by presenting factual information that focuses on the positive behaviors of students.

CARE (College Acquaintance Rape Educators)
"Healthy Relationships"
"Prevention of Sexual Violence"
"Drawing the Shades" (a multi-media readers' theatre about rape and its prevention)

PHIVE-O (Peer HIV Education Organization)
"HIV/AIDS Prevention--It's Everyone's Responsibility"
"Talking With Your Child About HIV/AIDS"
"All Individual Decisions are Sacred" A performance representing individuals who have HIV. The presentation is followed up with educational information about HIV which includes a Q & A session.