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Tuttle’s three interests combine for unforgettable summer experience

Disney World has always been known as a place where dreams come true and magic becomes reality. What many don’t know is Disney World offers internships for students from all over the world. Through its College Program, Disney allows them to tailor an experience to help them in their academic and professional careers. Physics major Ian Tuttle, a senior at Hastings College, has always desired to be a Disney College Program participant but never found an opportunity that did not involve missing school. However, being involved in Revive, a non-denominational Christian club on the Hastings College ...Read more

Memory Maker

Scott DeBoer ’89 has had incredible success since graduating from HC in physics and math. He continued his education at Iowa State University and graduated in 1992 with a masters in physics and then again in 1995 with his doctorate in electrical engineering. ...Read more

Hastings College student builds robotic hand

Jordan Borrell wants to give others a helping hand — literally. The Hastings College Physics major who graduated in 2013, took a step toward a career in designing and building prosthetics when he chose to build a robotic hand for his senior project. Using research from engineers at Hiroshima University in Japan and his own research and experiments, Jordan constructed a robotic working hand. Based on his hand, the final product successfully gripped and released items. Jordan completed the project in three and half months and demonstrated his project at the Hastings College Academic Showcase, a ...Read more
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