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Falling into history

Dr. Tiffany Ziegler '03, Assistant Professor of History at Minot State University, didn’t come to Hastings College in 1999 expecting to graduate with a major in history . She arrived on campus with a music scholarship and a vague notion of becoming a teacher. “I came in and kind of tested the waters of music and decided it really wasn’t for me,” Tiffany said. “I headed straight into elementary education and, after a field experience, decided against that.” However, when she took a western civilization course with Dr. Rob Babcock , Professor of History and Chair of the History Department, she ...Read more

Coming back to college, Marx thrived

Jon Randall Marx’s first attempt at college in the early 2000’s was a failure. He describes himself as “unmotivated, unambitious and lazy." "The years that followed opened my eyes to the value of a good education and the need for me to push myself harder to achieve the goals I had in mind," he said. "I wanted more out of life, and I knew that the types of careers I would be interested in required higher degrees." At Hastings College, Jon found the quieter environment, great academic programs and Christian affiliation he sought – and he thrived! He connected with his professors, secured a ...Read more
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