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Dr. Dwayne Strasheim to retire at end of 2013-14 academic year

You can define a man by his words – and that can mean not only by what he says, but what he reads. Dwayne Strasheim has no dearth of books to define his character. His office alone has an entire wall devoted to books and the eye immediately detects a theme. English Syntax , The Lexicography of English and Lost for Words are but three titles his bookshelves bear. The items in his office follow a similar pattern. A Merriam-Webster daily calendar (today’s word is oppugn) sits on his desk. A stuffed aardvark wearing a green hat that says LINGUIST sits on the filing cabinet. English and ...Read more

Roger Doerr retires at end of 2012-13 academic year

There are a handful of rare individuals who have witnessed and influenced such an extensive and dynamic period in the life of Hastings College as to be considered part of the very institutional fabric from which it is made. Two of those individuals are welcoming a new chapter in their lives this year. Roger Doerr is one of them. “Because I’m an accountant, I added up the numbers,” Roger laughed, as he thought over his 44 years at Hastings College. “I’ve taught 1,544 students in Beginning Accounting, and I’ve taught that particular course 69 times. … I’ll never catch my good friend Dwayne ...Read more
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