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LaViolette cheers for Denver Broncos, works in marketing

“I struggle to describe what it was like cheering at my first game—the crowd is absolutely thunderous and the energy at Sport Authority Field is electric,” said new Denver Broncos Cheerleader Jozie LaViolette, a 2013 Hastings College graduate. “But mostly, I couldn’t believe that a dream I had had for so long finally came true.” LaViolette earned herself a position on the Denver Broncos Cheerleading team for the first time, as she was one of five rookies chosen to help complete the 26-member cheer team for the 2015-16 football season. LaViolette said her passion for dance started because it ...Read more

Emily Johnson exploring hunger issues as Emerson Fellow

Most people view food as something to be eaten. Most people fail to see the justice issues that stem from the food system. Access to food is a complex. People like Emily Johnson, 2014 Hastings College graduate, are driven by these issues, and making change within the food production, distribution and consumption system. This drive has led her to accept a fellowship position with the Emerson National Hunger Fellows program. Emily first heard about the fellowship from a supervisor at her summer internship with Nebraska Appleseed. Although she was not get accepted the first time she applied, she ...Read more
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