Dr. Jim Dugan

Professor of Physics
Morrison-Reeves Science Center

Dr. Jim Dugan teaches thermodynamics, analytical mechanics, physical optics and introductory physics.

He completed his doctoral work at the University of Arizona and received his Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees from Northern Illinois University.

He has led the J-Term advanced physics course to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago since 1999. Dr. Dugan spent four years at the White Sands Test Facility working for Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company, under contract with NASA where he worked on numerous space shuttle related projects.

He has been selected as an invited lecturer on several occasions, including being selected twice to give the Artist Lecture Series Invited Faculty Lecture at Hastings College. He is also the recipient of the Hastings College Faculty Achievement Award given annually for excellence in teaching.