Why Major in Philosophy?

As a Philosophy major at Hastings College you’ll be pushed to read critically and think clearly through any set of facts, while analyzing arguments and communicating clearly. It’s about loving wisdom and examining questions from “What is truth?” to “What is goodness?” to “What is justice?” while studying historical thought and society — and our ways of experiencing the world.

Philosophy is the core of a liberal arts education — it’s the foundation for studying any subject and equips you with key tools for life. This is why you’ll find students majoring in Physics, English, History, Business and more also majoring or minoring in Philosophy. By pairing Philosophy with these others areas of interest, you’ll have a much deeper understanding in total.

You’ll find Hastings College Philosophy graduates attending William and Mary Law School and Yale Law School, writing fiction and nonfiction, completing divinity degrees and pursuing careers as professors.

With the breadth of a Philosophy degree from Hastings, the future is wide open. Learn more and schedule a campus visit today.