Why major in Education at Hastings College?

Is teaching your passion? During your first year – usually your first semester – as a Hastings College Teacher Education major, you’ll dive into local classrooms to observe and work with individual students and small groups. Classroom time and experience grows each semester so by graduation you’ll be ready to tackle your own classroom of eager students.

Expertise in teaching

Hastings College is fully accredited and offers degrees in Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Special Education, as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree — and our unique five year BA/MAT program is the quickest way to advance your career and starting salary. Add in more than 30 endorsement areas, from art to world language and coaching to music, and you’ll have a solid resume focused on areas you love.

Building classroom experience

By your junior year at Hastings, you’ll work under the guidance of master teachers, creating and teaching lessons and gaining confidence in your knowledge and classroom management skills. If you're majoring in Elementary Education, your junior year includes immersion in a local elementary school, working daily in a classroom.

In your senior year, you’ll complete student teaching and work to develop a high quality credential package. You’ll be ready to interview for your exciting first teaching position!

At every step in your path you'll appreciate the stepping stones of teaching, counseling, inspiring, supporting and guiding from our engaged faculty. It's an experience that's true to Hastings College and you won't find it anywhere else.

See your future at Hastings

See for yourself how we personalize your education to your talents and your goals.

Schedule a visit and we’ll demonstrate how Hastings will inspire you to reach your potential.

Growing your knowledge

As an education major you’ll examine education from many angles as you gain experience with students of different abilities and backgrounds. You’ll participate in education forums to learn best practices. You’ll collaborate with agencies, community and college groups, schools and businesses to complete a service project to raise awareness on a pressing issue within the community.

Opportunities also exist to study in diverse settings locally, nationally and internationally. And our annual January Term trip to Mississippi touches the hearts of many of our future teachers — and the students we go to serve.

Love science? Join current elementary education majors who support science clubs in local elementary schools!

Jump ahead with a BA/MAT in five

If you're looking to get ahead in your career — and save a year of time in college — our five-year bachelors and master's of arts in teaching (MAT) program is for you! 

By declaring and entering this program early in your time at Hastings College, in a five-year period you'll earn your:

  • Bachelor's degree,
  • MAT degree that's personalized to your interest area,
  • Elementary education (grades PK-6) certificate,
  • Special education (PK-6) certificate, and
  • An early childhood (PK-3) supplemental teaching certificate.

As part of your graduate coursework, you'll identify areas of interest to you, including English as a second language, special education 7-12, sociology and communication courses.

When you graduate from our five-year program, you'll have certificates in sought after areas and advanced pay — as an MAT salary averages 16% more than a bachelor's degree alone.

Find scholarships for education majors

Your high school achievements both fuel and fund your success at Hastings. We offer a range of generous and renewable academic scholarships based on your GPA and test scores. Plus talent scholarships for everything from speech (forensics) to the arts to athletics. 

Landing that job

Hastings College graduates teach all over the country and around the world! Public, private and parochial schools. Small schools. Suburban schools. City schools. From classroom teachers to administrators, from coaches to speech and language pathologists.

You’ll find current Hastings College teacher candidates and recent graduates in

  • Omaha, Nebraska, and dozens of other Nebraksa schools
  • Denver, Colorado, and dozens of other Colorado schools
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • England
  • China
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • New York City

Teaching Success

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