Why major in Biology at Hastings College?

Do you find yourself asking “why” and “how” as you explore the natural world? If so, then a Biology major at Hastings College may be a great fit for you!

In our state-of-the-art facilities you’ll have unlimited opportunities to investigate those very questions, without fighting graduate students for lab time! You’ll engage with professors who are as inquisitive as you. They’ll invest in your potential for success wherever your Biology degree takes you, from medical school to graduate school or the work place.

At Hastings, you’ll immerse yourself in original scientific works while collaborating with professors and other students on research. As part of your senior seminar, you’ll give a presentation about your research and demonstrate what you’ve discovered. Recent seminar topics included how teeth whitening products affect cells, what the increased production of switchgrass for biofuels may mean for the environment and what impact chronic exposure to radiation from high voltage power lines has on rodents.

At Hastings College, we value experience outside the classroom and work with students to secure life-changing opportunities. You may find yourself interning at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the San Francisco Department of Health, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the Lauritzen Gardens, the USDA’s Meat Animal Research Center and the South Heartland Health Department. Opportunities to shadow and work with doctors, dentists, environmental researchers and veterinarians abound.

A degree in Biology from Hastings College may lead you to medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Creighton University or another prestigious facility. Or perhaps epidemiology at Emory University, food science at the University of Nebraska, a residency at the Mayo Clinic or plant ecology at Kansas State University is more to your liking?

You’ll also find graduates working for the CDC, publishing articles in journals, teaching at all levels, researching breast cancer and serving as doctors, dentists, veterinarians and health professionals all across the U.S.

Why study Biology at Hastings College? Because we’ll help you succeed. Apply today!

Student and alumni success

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