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Follow your inner creativity and study art in the region’s most sophisticated glass-blowing studio. Begin your future medical career in state-of-the-art labs. Be one of the Hastings journalism and media arts students who provide media coverage for the NAIA Division II Women’s Basketball Tournament. Explore our 60+ majors and see how Hastings measures up.
Have access to the resources you need to succeed as a Hastings student and after graduation. Get personalized guidance from your adviser, who will make sure you’re studying what you love. Take advantage of the Learning Center’s tutoring and assistive services. Learn the attitudes, behaviors and values that create an environment of success.
Study something you’ve always found interesting but have been afraid to try. You might like it more than you think. Go somewhere new and experience life from someone else’s perspective. Take a class you’ve never been able to fit into your regular semester schedule. January term makes it possible for you to study something out of the ordinary before the beginning of spring semester.
Practice your Spanish at a market in Guatemala. Round out your business major studying international economics in Germany. Learn about The Troubles while living and learning in Northern Ireland. You can step outside your comfort zone by studying in Thailand, England, Russia or the many other international locations available to you as a Hastings student.
Discover what drives you—and what doesn’t. Learn by doing at Hastings with January term classes, study abroad, internships and course activities. You can even get financing to support travel for a self-designed project through the Knappenberger Fund. Our faculty and advisers help you find your place and passion—and get the hands-on experience employers seek.
We want you to make your education your own. Explore more about a topic you learned in class. Attend a conference about a subject that interests you. Present a paper at a symposium. Research something you’ve always wanted to study but isn’t taught at Hastings. With funding from the Student Development Fund and the Excelsior Scholar Program, you can do just that.
There’s no better way to enter the job market than to demonstrate you already have experience in the field. Through our community partners and alumni connections, you can stay in the area or travel across the country to intern and job shadow in all kinds of industries — helping you find the one you love and develop the skills you’ll need to succeed.
Design your own major and course of study in the Personalized Program. Take extra classes for fun or earn your degree credits faster by enrolling in the summer session. Feed your intellectual curiosity and prepare to be a lifelong learner in the Liberal Arts Program. At Hastings, if you can think it up, it’s possible.
Hastings does that