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Grant Hunter

Admissions Counselor
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History with Hastings College

I graduated from Hastings College in 2014 with majors in Business Administration and Human Resources Management and with a minor in English for a bit of coursework variety. 

Why I chose to attend Hastings as a student

I chose to attend Hastings College because of the personal attention I received both on my campus tour and the attention and mentoring I received from all the faculty and staff I met. 

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy playing and listening to music. I have hours and hours of music to enjoy in both my electronic library and vinyl collection. When I have a few moments of spare time sitting down and playing my trombone always provides for some entertainment. 

Favorite thing about Hastings College

Hastings College has so many opportunities to get involved in dozens of student-run organizations. These organizations can either be for fun or for an academic purpose, but they all help make the college the place that it is.

Favorite thing to do in Hastings

Biking around town on the numerous bike trails is a weekly must regardless of the rain, wind, snow, or heat. 

Favorite place to eat in Hastings

Going to Back Alley Bakery always provides good food and good conversation with either the friends you bring or the friends you meet there by chance. 

Hidden Talent

When I am camping, I can set up a tent completely in the dark. It never fails that my flashlight is always in the bottom of my backpack. 

Best meal I can cook

Hastings does that
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