Due to the weather, Hastings College is closed through Tuesday morning, January 17. Offices will open at noon Tuesday, and afternoon classes will be held.

Meet Your Counselor

To find a Hastings College admissions counselor for your area, please select your home state. We also have specially trained counselors for transfer and international students.

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Director of Admissions
Office: 402.461.7341
Mobile: 402.984.1091
Associate Director of Admissions
Office: 402.461.7772
Mobile: 402.705.1656
Fine Arts Recruiter
Mobile: 402-705-0847
Assistant Director of Admissions
Office: 402.461.7318
Mobile: 402.984.6767
Assistant Director of Admissions
Mobile: 720.231.1009
Admissions Counselor
Office: Hurley-McDonald Hall
Office: 402.461.7317
Mobile: 402.519.3230
Admissions Counselor
Mobile: 402.984.8825
Visit Coordinator/International Admissions Counselor
Office: 402.461.7315
Mobile: 402.462.8118
Admissions Counselor
Office: 402.461.7781
Mobile: 402.469.6628
Transfer Admissions Counselor
Office: 402.461.7320
Mobile: 402.984.8890
Associate Director of Admissions
Mobile: 720.219.8888
Admissions Counselor
Mobile: 402-650-4747
Admissions Counselor
Office: 402.461.7729
Mobile: 402.469.8626
Admissions Counselor
Office: 402.461.7465
Mobile: 402.984.8679