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Cheryl Powers

Assistant Director of Admissions
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History with Hastings College
I graduated from Hastings in 1987, but remained on campus to complete my student teaching through January of 1988. My degree was in Mathematics/Biology/Education. I played basketball my freshman through junior years, but remained on my senior year and served as an assistant coach.

Why I chose to attend Hastings College
One day in my high school science class, I had noticed my teacher had posted a flyer from Hastings College onto his bulletin board. I remember standing there and reading it and my teacher coming up and saying I should consider going to Hastings College. He told me they had a top-notch science program. Since I was interested in science, this was a total lead for me. I came to the campus, loved the campus and the rest is pretty much history! I tell people that the Science Department and playing Women’s Basketball brought me to Hastings College, but the various professors I had is what kept me at Hastings.

Hobbies and Interests
First of all having two children involved in multiple sports, my main hobby has been to cheer them on at their events! I enjoy going for walks and prefer to be outdoors doing yard work over doing housework inside any day! Reading is a source of relaxation, as well as, sitting around our fire-pit watching an awesome sunset lead to a night full of dazzling stars.

Favorite thing about Hastings College
A welcoming atmosphere from faculty and students alike is the thing I value the most about Hastings College. I love the bronzes scattered around our campus—it makes our green-space become a natural gallery surrounded by a canopy of gorgeous trees and plantings. I have also discovered from my frequent visits to the Bronco Bookstore that the combination of crimson, cream, black and even gray apparel to all be on my color wheel!

Favorite place on campus
I would have to say the Morrison-Reeves Science building. Since as an undergraduate I had spent so many hours in the previous science building, I have a high appreciation for the awesome building our students can learn and relax in during their time here.

Most memorable class
One of my most memorable classes was taking an art class during January Term, or J-Term. I was completely terrified. Being someone who struggles with drawing a stick person, I had purposefully stayed away from art classes in high school. My professor totally graded me on my effort and my ability to laugh at myself. I recall getting the airbrush too close to my painting and it sprayed out this glob that resembled a spider—unfortunately my painting had no need for what clearly looked like a spider on it! The crazy thing is that I kept those paintings for several years after I had graduated because I was proud of myself for taking on something that was totally out of my comfort zone.

Favorite thing to do in Hastings
Go out with good friends and enjoy a good meal with great company. Or go to a Sunday matinee movie and eat a bucket load of popcorn so that I have my evening meal covered too!

Favorite place to eat in Hastings
My favorite place to eat truly varies with whatever it is I am craving at the moment. For Mexican it is El Toro, for Italian it is the buffet at Valentinos, for a great steak it is the Barrel Bar and for mini-cheeseburgers it is Bullseye or Kitty’s.

Best thing about being a Bronco
So many of our departments have excelled in their competitions that it is easy to be caught up in our school spirit. Everyone supports multiple events throughout the year. I feel we have a lot of pride on our campus.

Hidden talent
Sometimes I have even surprised myself with some faux painting jobs that I have done over the years! I guess that J-Term Art class I took is still paying off!

Best meal I can cook
I make a mean Chicken Diane—it looks funky, but tastes great!

People would be surprised to know that...
My first career aspiration was to be a jockey. Growing up I had read every book there was to read on horse racing. Example, “Black Beauty", Black Stallion" (19 in the series), "My Friend Flicka" and "National Velvet." As a pre-adolescent I was thin and wiry, perfect attributes for a jockey. Unfortunately, puberty became a real dream crusher because I grew 4+ inches within one year and I continued to grow. Over a course of several years I ended up growing to be just less than 5’ 11”. I kept hoping that perhaps racing Clydesdales would become a popular event, but I guess there wasn’t a demand for it!

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